What is spiritual awareness?

It is an adventure of the soul, where you rise above the stresses of everyday life, transcend your worries and expand your consciousness.

Daily meditation is the way to spiritual awareness.Spiritual awareness is something anyone can achieve for a richer and more meaningful life!

A daily meditation is the first step to achieving spiritual awareness. You can use the Silva Method to learn to enter the meditative state where you can become attuned to universal consciousness and shut down the mundane chatter of the mind. Why would you want to do this? If nothing else, for inner peace. There is no stress or worry in the realm of the spirit; only love, joy and radiant light. There are also answers to worldly problems, in the form of inspiration and intuitive guidance that is outside of logic and reasoning. It feels good, and gives you a new perspective on life.

What does it feel like when you are spiritually aware?

You experience a sense of flow when you are spiritually aware.1. You enjoy a sense of flow; that is, you are flowing with life instead of struggling against it. You may notice that there are many more synchronicities and weird coincidences in your life – for example having exactly the right person appear in your life at precisely the right time, or noticing a news article that happens to address a problem you have. These are not random, they are your soul’s way of ensuring that you get the most out of your life experience. Whether you take advantage of these phenomena is another thing – but they are there, and when you are spiritually aware, you become empowered to take action on them.

Any time you are struggling in life – in any area – you can be sure that on some level, you are pushing against the flow of life. You are, consciously or subconsciously, refusing to take action in a way that is aligned with your life purpose. This refusal to follow your intuitive guidance results in a life experience that is difficult.

2. You become attuned to the innate abundance in the universe. Abundance is the natural flow yet many of us go against this flow! For example, anytime you say things like, “money is the root of all evil” you are basically saying that abundance is evil. Money is nothing more than a means of exchange – an energy – and it is the actions of certain people that make it seem like money is evil. Ultimately, life is easier and more convenient when you have financial abundance. Just think of all the good you could do with your wealth!

Love and abundance are the natural way!3. You become a living embodiment of unconditional love. Compassion and empathy flow from you. You love because it feels good to love, and you don’t worry about what you get in return. You come to realize that the most difficult people in your life are there to teach you – that they are in some respect a mirror of you, and they are in your life to help you understand some aspect of yourself that needs to be examined and addressed. One aspect of unconditional love means fully accepting and loving yourself as you are.


Examine your self-talk: do you trash-talk yourself? Do you put yourself down? Any negativity that you direct at yourself is a sign of lack of unconditional love. Gaining spiritual awareness will help you love yourself as you are meant to be loved – fully and unconditionally!

4. You find your life’s purpose. You come to understand why you are here, having this experience in the physical realm. Anytime you do work that you love – work in which you can become completely absorbed and when the line between work and play disappears – you are living your purpose, and life becomes effortless and joyful. Life is about expanding (your talents, for example) and sharing (the fruits of your talents). Don’t be afraid and don’t hesitate to DO WHAT YOU LOVE. As you become spiritually aware, your creativity blossoms. Now, don’t mistake “creativity” with “artistic ability” – not all of us are meant to be artists; creativity simply means the ability to create, and what YOU create may be intangible. Your creativity could be centered around finding innovative ways to run a manufacturing business, or around finding ways to help people communicate effectively and understand each others’ points of view.

Spiritual awareness helps you find your life's purpose.5. You become wiser and more intuitive.The challenges of life become smaller as you develop your intuition and learn to trust its innate wisdom. As you enter the alpha level (or “Level” in the Silva Method) you learn to tune out the mental chatter and attune to the wisdom of your higher self. You will notice that you will gain valuable insights as you practice visualizing what you want and asking your higher self for guidance.

6. You experience less conflict, less desire for drama or arguments, and more desire for peace and harmony.

Spiritual awareness is an increase in your awareness of one-ness with all creation. Increasing the connections in your life will help the process along. As your sense of one-ness increases, your self-esteem and confidence automatically increase as well – for you realize that you have the same powers and the same abilities as the universal consciousness! You CAN do anything you set your mind to! You may – or may not – view “spirituality” in terms of religion. That is a highly personal interpretation, and whatever you feel is right, IS right – for YOU.

Tips for increasing your spiritual awareness:

  1. Meditate. explore the universe within through introspection; learn to connect with your higher self.
  2. Socialize. Expanding your social circle fosters connections. If you fear social interactions, you can build your self-confidence through the many Silva Method visualization and self-programming exercises.
  3. Be of service. Do what you love and share what you love.
  4. Be present. The key is to take action on raising your spiritual awareness through being fully present and aware of your life. This life is meant to be experienced, after all; you are not meant to live some imaginary future life – you are meant to live HERE, NOW.

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