Use visualization to achieve anything you desire.Imagination is the land of possibility and you are free to explore it to your heart’s content. When you give your imagination some direction by focusing your intentions and visualizing the desired end result, you give your subconscious mind the command to hunt for ways to manifest your imagined scenarios. Visualization is guided imagination.

Visualization meditation is one of the most powerful “non-activities” that you can do to manifest your desires. If you doubt that it works, think about a pencil. That pencil had to exist in the inventor’s mind before it was created as a physical object!

You can apply visualization to any desire you have. Visualization meditation is a practice of daily contemplation of your desire, meant to reinforce the image in the subconscious and aid in manifesting it.

Visualization meditation exercise:

Do this exercise before bed. You want your mind to have an uninterrupted night of creation just after you’ve given it your command. Whether you’re a beginning meditator or experienced, 10 minutes of focused attention is better than an hour of wandering thoughts. Time isn’t important – focus is essential.

  1. Visualization meditation directs your imagination.

    Use the Silva Method countdown method to enter the alpha level. You want to be relaxed and focused, not worrying about the millions of things you have to accomplish today (it feels like that sometimes, doesn’t it?). Use the Silva Method to quickly guide your brain into alpha. Slowly count down from 5 to 1, going deeper into tranquility until you reach a deeply relaxed state of body, brain and mind.

  2. Focus your thoughts by bringing your full attention to your breath. Feel the physical sensations of the breath, shutting out all mental chatter.
  3. Visualize what you desire. Make your visualization as realistic as possible – merely seeing an image is not enough, you have to feel it using many senses, just as you feel your everyday waking life!
  4. Most importantly, feel happiness and gratitude when you visualize. It’s essential to be grateful for WHAT IS – that includes everything that exists on the physical plane as well as everything that exists in your imagination.
  5. Stay focused for as long as you can. Any time your mind wanders off, gently redirect your focus to what you want.
  6. Be open to any inspiration or guidance you may receive. Flashes of insight may be very frequent during this meditation or in the following days!


Visualization and Intuition

You can also develop your visualization skills by incorporating intuition. You can visualize your desired outcome, and ask your higher self for guidance and inspiration.

This exercise is best done at bedtime, because just like with the visualization meditation, your mind will get busy working on your intentions:

First, you will need to enter the alpha brainwave state of controlled relaxation. Use the Silva Method and count backwards from 5 to 1, entering a deeper level with each number.

Feel yourself walking in a place that is familiar and comfortable to you, a place where you feel happy and safe. You are filled with feelings of love, peace and happiness.

Allow intuition to enhance your visualization meditation.Then, imagine a guide standing before you. This is your higher self. Follow your guide to a room and enter. Take in your surroundings. How is the room decorated? Is it neat, or a shambles? Is it warm and welcoming or sterile? Are there any objects in the room or is it bare? If there are objects, are they meaningful to you? Whatever you imagine is absolutely right for you.

Sit down with your guide and describe your dream to the guide as though you were describing your dream to your very best friend who isn’t going to judge you or put down your dreams. Get into every detail – what you want, what you’re doing, how you feel, who else is in the dream… everything. Then, ask your higher self what you need to know. Then listen…

…or watch, or feel – HOW your guide gives you information may differ based on the situation. You may get visuals, words, physical sensations… it’s all good, and it’s all important.

You really have to allow, and listen to what is said. It may be completely contrary to what your logical mind thinks is the way to achieve your dreams – which is why it’s essential to be in the alpha level for this! Ask your guide questions if something is not clear but remember to be open to ALL information that comes to you.

When you are finished, thank your guide and leave the room. Close the door behind you and start counting from 1 to 5, each time going into a higher level of awareness. When you are fully alert, write down the guidance you received – before your logical mind starts rationalizing why it can’t be done that way, why that won’t work, etc. You’ll need to take action on your guidance!

Then visualize your goal again, this time incorporating the information your guide has given you.

Use this exercise anytime you want to get clarity on your dreams or if you just need to bolster belief in your dreams. Nothing is impossible in the nonphysical, and if you’re not used to accessing the information presented there, it might seem weird or unworkable at first. So feel free to visit with your guide anytime you need to!

Make your visualizations multi-sensory - like life!What if you can’t see pictures? The mind thinks in terms of the physical senses. For most people, visual images dominate but don’t worry if you are unable to see mental images. What’s more important are the feelings and overall experience of your visualization. If you were asked to imagine a red apple right now, you may not have a clear picture come up but your mind knows exactly what a red apple looks, feels, tastes, smells and sounds like (when you bite into it). Life is a mutli-sensory experience so allow your visualizations to be multi-sensory too. Don’t restrict them to being merely visual.

Have fun when you visualize, and use the Silva Intuition System to enhance your visualization and intuitive skills. Whatever you visualize, you can achieve!

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