Mirror of The Mind

The Mirror of the Mind is a technique where you use visualization and imagination to alter an existing situation and create anything you desire to have, do, or be. The Mirror of the Mind is one of Laura Silva Quesada’s favorite technique. There are three simple steps to the mirror of the mind:

      1. Identify the problem.
      2. Picture your outcomes.
      3. Step into the outcome.

Also, remember that you use the alpha level, and that you build and recognize a solid and supportive belief system, which is made up of three major components, desire, belief, and expectancy. These components are important for every technique. See and hear Laura explain her favorite technique to you.

The Mirror of the Mind Exercise

The Mirror of the Mind is used for solving problems and achieving goals.

  • Create, and project on your mental screen, a full-length mirror. This mirror will be known as the mirror of the mind.
  • This mirror of the mind can be mentally increased in size, to encompass within its frame a thing or things, a person or persons, a small scene or a large scene.
  • The color of the frame of the mirror of the mind can be mentally changed from blue to white. The blue frame denotes the existing problem or situation, which can be converted into a project. The white frame denotes the solution, or goal.
  • To solve a problem or to reach a goal with the Mirror of the Mind, enter the Basic Plane Level with the 3-to-1 method. Then project the problem situation onto the blue-framed mirror of the mind.
  • Make a good study of the problem by visualizing an image of the problem thing, person, or scene. After making a good study of the problem, erase the problem image. Move the mirror to your left and change the mirror’s frame to white. At that time, create and project a solution image onto the white-framed mirror.
  • From then on, any time you think of the project, visualize the solution image you have created framed in white.

Here are some helpful tips and hint on how to become more successful with the Silva Method’s Mirror of the Mind Technique.

  • Whenever you happen to think of your project, visualize and vitalize your solution image in the white-framed mirror.
  • Once every three days enter your level and visualize your solution to reinforce it and keep the desire strong. This helps keep your enthusiasm high.
  • On important projects, visualize your solution at level every day. Imagine or recall the feeling you would associate with success.
  • At all levels, believe you have already achieved your goal and maintain the feeling that you have already received it.
  • You have planted a seed. At the mental dimension, your project has been completed. Now, consider the physical dimension like soil. It takes time for the seed to grow through that soil and surface where it can be seen in the physical dimension.

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