Spiritual growth can arise out of great suffering... but your journey may be different!Spiritual development is the process of letting your authentic self come forward and sharing your talents with the world. Ultimately, spiritual development leads to a happier life.

Spiritual development can take many forms. How you progress is entirely up to you. There is no right or wrong way; if you find a teacher or tradition that resonates with you, embrace it – but don’t become a slave to it if it turns out to be the wrong for you. You can always take bits of wisdom from wherever you find them and walk your own path.

What Happens in Spiritual Development

You may experience intense suffering followed by incredible bliss and inner peace. Suffering may come in the form of illness, divorce, natural disasters, severe financial hardship, loss of a loved one, etc. – this stage is often the catalyst for spiritual growth. There is no threshold that signals “spiritual development will follow” - the circumstances are as individual as you, your needs and your readiness and willingness to grow. You go through this period realizing that you do not want to suffer any more, that you want to be happy. NOT ALL spiritual development involves suffering, but it appears to be a common theme. It is a rebirth, where people strip away all that is nonessential and get down to the root of who they are and what is important to them.

Suffering subsides as you shift your focus from suffering to the joy you want to experience. You may experience very profound healing as you release the suffering. You may have a strong desire to fulfill a lifelong dream, or to live a purposeful life; people often transition from conventional lifestyles to unconventional ways of living during or just after their period of suffering.

As you welcome more happiness into your life, you become a more compassionate and understanding person. You develop a strong desire to take care of others, the environment and your own body. While you are focused on the physical world, you may simultaneously experience a much deeper connection or one-ness with universal consciousness, God, energy or spirit (names don’t matter, so choose the one that resonates with you).

Your path is unique. Embrace it!Your body and mind become attuned to receiving energetic information with incredible sensitivity.

You may completely transform the way you live but there is no “you should” (you can still enjoy your ‘toys’ as you grow spiritually).

Spiritual development is a fascinating process and the more you delve into the world within, the more you absorb various teachings like a sponge; each concept brings an even stronger desire for awakening, happiness, peace and enlightenment.

As you progress, you will naturally come to embody your spiritual growth; you will…


  • …let things happen rather than forcing them
  • …smile more – a deep, radiant smile from within
  • …be happier, healthier and calmer
  • …become extremely attractive as your inner light shines brightly
  • …feel a oneness with others, with animals and nature
  • …be overwhelmed with gratitude and ecstasy – frequently to the point of joyful tears
  • …be able to think from a limitless perspective rather than from your fears
  • …not live in the past or the future, but in the present moment
  • …not worry or suffer from anxiety
  • …not be chronically stressed because you can put things in perspective
  • …be more confident and less afraid (a LOT less afraid)
  • …become non-attached, resulting in better relationships based on you knowing you are a complete being and you do not need others to complete or fulfill you
  • …not be interested in drama, conflict, making judgments, criticizing or blaming
  • …be at peace knowing you are doing what is right and perfect for you
  • …not be held back by beliefs, negative people and other undesirable influences
  • …be able to visualize your ideal life and relax into the belief that it will manifest
  • …know that if you can conceive it, you can achieve it
  • …be able to see from outside your own point of view
  • …realize you are the source of your happiness and your suffering
  • …rise above negative feelings and thoughts
  • …allow, listen to and follow intuitive guidance
  • …acknowledge that you are a spiritual being having a physical experience

Spiritual Development Tips

You are not your body, behaviors, career, words, addictions, religion, race. You are much more!

You can’t get an acorn to become an oak in one day and you can’t hurry your growth along either. There is no point at which you will have arrived; no finish line, no end. Enjoy the journey!

The hardest part is starting; after that, just relax, learn and flow. Become non-attached and the process becomes easier.

The hardest part is starting; after that, relax and flow!

You will change in more ways than you can imagine now. Embrace the difficulties, the heartaches and frustrations as wonderful opportunities for something better to come into your life. Don’t fear the change – it’s all POSITIVE change.

Be disciplined. Meditate. Journal. The development of courage, self-mastery and even discipline itself takes time and discipline! You need to create new mental habits in order to create other mental habits. The Silva Method self-reprogramming exercises teach you to master your mind – and daily practice is essential.

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Spiritual development is an adventure. Anyone and everyone can grow spiritually. Making the choice to welcome life, light and love into your life is the best decision you can make.

Although there are many ways to go through spiritual development, one thing is constant: you must develop the ability to go within. The Silva Method can help you develop your IN-sight. Entering the alpha brainwave state, releasing your tensions and worries and opening yourself to spiritual guidance is an extremely calming and liberating experience as you realize you are not alone, you are not meant to suffer. You can learn to powerfully visualize your desired life, listen to the intuitive guidance to make that inner reality happen in the physical world, and master your thoughts and emotions so that you can stay on the spiritual path and not get sucked back down into negativity and struggle.

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