What is spiritual cleansing? It is a type of healing – not a medical treatment for any physical, emotional or mental ailment, but an energetic healing that involves cleansing a person’s energy of negativity. Spiritual cleansing can also be used to release negative energy from a physical location.

Spiritual cleansing will change your life for the better!You can use the Silva Method to learn how to perform a spiritual cleansing on yourself, your loved ones and your home or workplace. How important is a spiritual cleansing? Think of yourself as an energetic being instead of a physical being; your energy can be polluted with negativity, which creates a very chaotic energy field that cannot be focused on what you desire. If you’ve ever been happily immersed in doing something you love, you know how important focused energy is. But if your mind is racing with worries, you cannot focus your energy on creating the life you want. More importantly, other people will be affected by your energy.

How To Do a Spiritual Cleansing

First, identify the problem. What are your issues, concerns, pains, traumas, regrets, stresses and worries? This part is important – you must know what to release, or no effective cleansing will take place. Identifying what’s really bugging you is half the battle!

Tune in to your energy during meditation by assessing how you are feeling emotionally, mentally and physically. Relaxing into the alpha brainwave level tunes you in to your inner world. You can hear the turmoil in your mind; feel the tension in your body; feel the negative emotions that keep you from enjoying life.

What sorts of problems can be fixed with spiritual cleansing? Emotional trauma from divorce, sustained financial difficulty, recurring relationship problems and other persistent, negative disturbances. Anything that has you up at night worrying or crying; anything that interferes with work or your enjoyment of life, can be solved by performing a spiritual cleansing. Pay attention to your feelings. Feelings of lethargy, heaviness, hopelessness, despair or sadness are very strong negative energies that can be cleared.

Your energy is perceivable by others; cleanse it to attract the right people.You may or may not be aware of your aura or personal energy field. Some people are able to see the aura, which can be perceived as a very subtle, luminous halo-like radiation around you; everyone, on an unconscious level, can feel another person’s aura or ‘vibe’.

If you don’t take the time to cleanse your energy, your personal troubles are going to continue despite your best physical efforts. If you perform a spiritual cleansing, things will inevitably start to go your way. When people unconsciously pick up on negative vibes they are less likely to want to be around you – people are willing to help, but nobody wants to be around “downers” for long! This makes it difficult to receive the depth of support you need, whether the support is emotional, mental or having to do with your goals. Cleanse your energy to attract the right people into your life.

The Silva Method teaches you to quickly enter the alpha level of brain activity, or the meditative state and direct your mental energies to create an upward spiral of positive energy. Before you do this, make sure you believe in the process. If you believe that it works, it does; if you believe it doesn’t, you will be immersed in negativity and it won’t work. You can take a lighthearted approach with the attitude of play, curiosity and wonder. Leave your logical mind out of it. This is a matter of the heart! Try it and see how much better you feel.

If you want to do a spiritual cleansing on your loved ones, perform it on yourself first to avoid introducing additional negativity into their aura.

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Begin by preparing your space. Doing a spiritual cleansing in a room that is chaotic or disorderly won’t work. The state of your home is a direct reflection of the state of your inner world! If it is dirty, clean it. If it is cluttered, get rid of anything that you don’t use regularly or that brings you joy. If things are in disrepair or broken, fix or get rid of them. This will help cleanse your own energy, leaving you feeling lighter and cleaner energetically. Lighten the load – give away anything you don’t use or that holds no meaning for you and do a thorough cleaning. This will automatically raise the energetic vibration of the room, as well as yours.

A calm state of mind will open you up for spiritual cleansing.Be sure you’re in a positive state of mind. Don’t do spiritual cleansing if you are upset or angry. Wait until you are calm to do this exercise. The Silva Method teaches several exercises to calm yourself in any situation.

If you are familiar with meditation, follow your usual routine; if you’re new to meditation, use one of the Silva exercises to enter the meditative state; the Centering Exercise is a good one to put you in the right frame of mind for spiritual cleansing.

As you meditate, visualize pure, white light and unconditional love emanating from your heart and filling every cell in your body; then outward to every part of the room you’re in; your entire home; your town; your country; your planet; solar system; galaxy; universe…

Visualize the light and love in your heart filling every ‘dark’ space in your energy. Just as a single candle lights up a dark room, the more light you introduce, the less negative energy or ‘darkness’ will remain. Allow light and love to flood your entire being. Feel the light and love replace all negativity.

Flood your being with light and love!Next, visualize what you want in life. Visualize yourself doing, being and having what you desire and give no thought whatsoever to any negativity in your life. Allow light and love to replace the negativity. Focus on what you want, and only on what you want. Anytime you give thought energy to the situation you’re trying to escape, you are polluting your energy.

Spend as much time doing this as you like. Apply this technique to your loved ones, too – visualize the light and love flooding their entire being just as you did to yourself.

Learn how to control your mind with the Silva Method

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