Self improvement is a fun journey into the workings of your mind.

What is Self Improvement?

Self improvement may sound like a chore, but think of it this way: if you don’t have what you want, there is room for improvement. There are certain attributes, skills, knowledge and attitudes that you’ll have to adopt if you want to get what you want. Agreed?

The good news is, self-improvement is NOT a chore. It’s FUN! It’s a fascinating journey into the hidden workings of your mind, and a very rich and rewarding process of self-mastery, results and desire for greater challenges. The end result is a very fulfilling, exciting and meaningful life!

Principles of Self Improvement

1. Education. What are you good at? Strive to get better. What are you not good at? If it’s important to you to become better at it (if it supports an important goal), make the effort. Become fascinated in what you’re not good at – that makes it more compelling and motivating to learn more about it. Direct your energies at what supports your passions.

Whatever direction you choose to improve yourself in terms of education, NEVER STOP learning. You may believe you’ve mastered something and then <wham> along comes someone who does it better and more efficiently than you. So keep a beginner’s curious and enthusiastic attitude, and keep learning.

Read books that inspire, educate and motivate you. Learn a new language. Pick up a new hobby outside your usual choices.

2. Walk your talk: let your actions speak louder than your words. Ironically, your words and your actions all give ‘life’ to your innermost beliefs and thoughts – but many of us say one thing, and then our actions betray what we are really thinking. So be very strict with yourself and stop yourself immediately if you unconsciously act in a way that contradicts what you have said. 

Pick a challenge that scares and inspires you.3. Take care of yourself: physical activity, excellent nutrition, sound sleep, and a good holistic balance of physical, mental and spiritual development will challenge and enhance every aspect of your being. Remember to take breaks, too. Even superheroes don’t wear their capes all the time…

4. Challenges: Pick a goal that scares you a little and inspires you a lot, and take daily action toward it. Be a little scared. Be a little intimidated. Push yourself outside the comfort zone (which is booooooringggg!). Shake up your routine and pick a goal that is outside your normal scope of activities.

5. Become attuned to your emotions to know your mind. Recognize that when you experience an emotion, it is driven by a thought – and if the emotion is unpleasant, what triggered it? This introspection helps you discover aspects of your personality you might not be aware of: for example, if you lose control and act rashly… and later on sheepishly acknowledge that you overreacted. Most of us don’t see the automatic aspects of our personalities, just as we are generally unaware of the triggers that cause us to engage in unwanted habits. Once you’re aware of automatic emotional reactions, you can change your perception of the event and improve your response by changing your thoughts about it. Learn to access this hidden part of yourself with the Silva Method’s introspection and self mastery exercises.

6. Avoid negative people. Remember that you unconsciously take on the attributes of the people you spend the most time with. If your friends are complainers, whiners, blamers and never set a meaningful goal in their lives… you will do the same, without even being aware of it. Seek out people who inspire you. Seek out people who lift you up, make you laugh and challenge you.

7. Journal. Self-awareness, reflection, and clarity of thought come about through journaling. It’s more than a place to record the daily events; it’s a place for ideas to take hold and blossom – and rereading a journal years later is more than fascinating as you see just how powerfully you create your circumstances through your thoughts, words and actions!

Meditation builds self mastery and present awareness.8. Meditate. Persent-awareness, self-mastery and a sense of calm and inner peace are the results of a daily meditation practice. Your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health are improved as you give your body a chance to relax deeply; as your thoughts quiet down and eventually stop; you feel more connected to the world around you and a sense of belonging to something greater than yourself.

9. Turn off the TV except for inspirational or educational shows, if you must watch TV at all. The rest is a complete waste of your precious time. Use that time to pursue what you love and bask in the glow of achievement of a cherished goal!

10. Love and express yourself. You are amazing, unique, wonderful, and indispensable. You might not think so… but consider yourself to be just as vital to the world as any one cell in the human body. Every cell has an important function to perform. Yes, the body can survive without the work of that one cell – but it is diminished as a result. Follow your heart and strive to make a contribution using your innate talents. That’s why you are here! You’re not here to be a mindless automaton going through the 9-5 grind. You are here to be you – so go out and be you!

The 30-Day Challenge

Give yourself 30 day challenge to improve something; and enjoy the results!

The fun part? You’ll see fast results after just a short time of practice. Pick one or two principles that resonate with you, and give yourself a 30-day challenge to embody the tip. Challenge yourself to 30 days of intense focused activity to make a goal, new habit happen or acquire new knowledge. You will be amazed at what you can achieve in a month! Your self-esteem and confidence will go through the roof after a month of challenging yourself. And then what? The sky ceases to be the limit!

Self improvement is a step by step process. You’ll have periods of huge advancement and periods where you are ‘digesting’ what you’ve learned and not making much forward progress.

Above all, LOVE YOURSELF by constantly making yourself better and better!


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