Psychic development means the development of your psychic abilities such as intuition and clairvoyance. Some people are highly skeptical that these qualities even exist, or that they are abilities that can be developed. Most people are comfortable receiving information about the world and themselves only through their five physical senses: vision, hearing, taste, smell and touch.

But the sixth sense, intuition, may be elusive to you if  you haven’t experienced such phenomena; or if you have, you haven’t allowed yourself to believe it.

Belief and Psychic Development

Psychic development is possible for anyone!Belief plays an important role in psychic development. Psychic experiences can be rationalized as dreams, daydreams, nightmares, hallucinations or something your mind just made up. It may take a really dramatic experience to sway your opinion.

If your beliefs prevent you from agreeing with the possibility of psychic phenomena, you likely won’t experience any. If you believe something is possible, it is possible and it will be part of your life experience. If you believe something is not possible, then it is not possible and it will not be part of your life experience.

Telepathy, clairvoyance, telekinesis, astral projection and intuition are all abilities we possess and are born with – but few develop.


Benefits of Developing Psychic Abilities

People pray and communicate with their Higher Self, God or soul, and they always receive answers – only most of the time, they’re not listening! Developing your “effective sensory perception” will attune you to non-physical information and learn to interpret what you perceive with your sixth sense.

Getting a hunch or flash of inspiration – and taking action on it – can make all the difference. Use intuitive guidance on financial matters. Use intuition to guide with purchases and investments; relationships; health issues; career paths and life purpose; solve problems – and even save a life! Psychic development also helps you become a more compassionate and forgiving person as you learn to communicate energetically and perceive situations from another person’s point of view.


Developing Your Abilities

Psychic abilities teach you alternate ways of communication.The Silva Intuition System psychic development training begins by teaching you to enter the alpha brainwave state, where you are open to receiving information.

Psychic abilities are all about energy and alternate ways of communicating energetically. Thoughts are energy and energy has no limits. How do you perceive this energy?

Even though your physical senses are not involved in receiving the information, you process information according to the way you’re most familiar with perceiving the world – in other words, through the physical senses.

  • Intuition is the most common psychic phenomenon. To access intuition, you must allow it by setting your intention to receive intuitive guidance. Your brain will translate whatever messages you receive in an inner ‘sensory’ experience that you understand.The Silva Intuition System helps you develop a keen perception of intuition.
  • Clairvoyance: You may receive (‘see’) visual images. Use the Silva Intuition System to enhance your visualization abilities.
  • Clairaudience: You may receive (‘hear’) verbal thoughts. Use the Silva Intuition System to clear your mind of mental chatter so you can hear messages.
  • Clairsentience: You may have physical reactions like chills up your spine, a warmth in the belly, a feeling of “rightness” in the heart. Use the Silva Intuition system to become more attuned to your body through self-awareness exercises.

You may also receive strong physical guidance in the form of weird synchronicities, coincidences, signs or symbols in your environment. Again, a clear mind and heightened awareness are the keys to noticing messages in your environment.

Detach from reliance on the physical senses and trust your intuition!The Silva Intuition System teaches you how to visualize and tune out from the physical senses – letting go of that frequency – and tune in to the nonphysical senses. You will learn to detach from reliance on the physical and ALLOW yourself to use intuition and other forms of non-physical communication.

Physical and mental relaxation is key. With practice, you’ll be able to tune out the physical and tune in to the non-physical very quickly. Have you ever noticed that when you meditate, you lose all bodily sensation and sense of time? That’s what it feels like to tune out of the physical! At that point, you are more attuned to your energetic self than to your physical self. This is when you are open to receiving non-physical information.

Meditation is a wonderful way to develop your psychic abilities. When you meditate, you gradually gain mastery of the mind. This will you “hear yourself think” without all the mental chatter. Second, you will develop the ability to perceive beyond your physical senses and beyond your conditioned thoughts. Remember, what you believe directly influences what you experience. And third, you lose all sense of time during meditation. Time is a product of the physical senses that interpret information in a linear way; but nonphysical information does not necessarily operate within the constraints of time.

Imagination and Intuition

Possibility is FUN! Imagining what could be, without limits, is a great way to open your scope of thinking. If you can imagine it, you can manifest it! One step to take between imagination and manifestation is to ALLOW spiritual guidance from the non-physical. Just because you can’t fathom how something will manifest or work out in the physical world doesn’t mean it can’t. It just means you can’t fathom how! Get used to allowing this information and becoming comfortable with it as a possibility.

Take action on your inspirations and experience the results.You’re probably wondering how to tell if you are receiving guidance or if you’re making things up. One way is to act on the information you receive – whether or not you believe in it. If your intuition says “zig” when your logic says “zag” try listening to intuition. If you have good results, keep going and trust! If you’re having undesirable or no results, make sure your ego and logic aren’t getting in the way with “that can’t possibly work, let’s modify it a little…”

The universe responds to your thoughts. Make sure what you what you ask for is what you WANT; and be open to guidance in any form, from any source.

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