A positive mental attitude is like a ray of sunshine, but sometimes that sunshine can be covered up by a cloud of negativity that can seem impenetrable.

A part of the problem might be that a positive mental attitude might be viewed as sticking your head in the sand. But is it? Positivity doesn’t mean denial and it doesn’t mean putting on a fake happy face when everything is going wrong.

A positive mental attitude is focus on what might go right.A positive mental attitude is a conscious choice to focus on what can go right instead of what can go wrong. Nothing in the future is cast in stone. It all depends on the mental/emotional energy you put forth. Your thoughts and emotions drive your actions so it follows that what you think about, comes about. The mental energy we often waste on worrying and being negative just helps to create the very future we’re envisioning!

If you turn your mental/emotional energies to creating a positive future, you’ll make it happen. Think about what happens when a negative person walks into a room. The mood changes instantly! The same happens in your mind. You can be sailing along quite happily and suddenly, one negative thought can ruin your enthusiasm.

As soon as a “what can go wrong” thought pollutes your mind, the whole picture starts looking bleak. Don’t confuse negativity with realism! Being realistic does not mean being negative! It just means that you are thinking along your conditioned lines. Your background might suggest that a certain outcome is inevitable, but is it? This example may make you reconsider the impact that ‘realism’ has on your future:

A negative mental attitude can spell doom for a business!Bob is starting a new business. His background is one of hard work and struggle and beliefs that sacrifice and compromise were necessary for survival and success belonged to a fortunate few. Bob’s dream is optimistic until his version of reality begins to cloud the picture. He thinks, “I’m not good enough to stand out! Who will notice me? Who would want to pay for my services? I’ll have to work twice as hard as established businesses, for less money, but hey, at least I can call it my own!”

Bob’s attitude begins to sabotage his efforts. He radiates self-doubt and struggle, unconsciously repeating past patterns. He blames the economy so he doesn’t put effort into advertising; he criticizes his own abilities; he is more concerned about making the sale and keeping his numbers up than he is about customer relations; he is grateful to his customers only when they buy from him and resents them when they don’t. A year later, he blames his failure on anything and everything but himself…

A positive mental attitude leads to success.Mary is starting a new business too. Her background was also difficult, but she has learned to overcome her conditioned thinking about abundance and success. She has reprogrammed her mind to visualize a positive future. She is grateful for the lessons of the past and the resilience and inner strength that came from hardship. Her thoughts are energizing and optimistic: “I will carve out my unique niche! Nobody can do what I do in exactly the same way, and I am open to learning the best ways to develop and share my talents. This business is giving me the lifestyle I want!” Mary knows she has a lot to learn.

She knows that building a successful business can take time, but she accelerates the process with her own happiness and commitment to her customers. She doesn’t allow the present situation to cloud her attitude. She is grateful for every customer – she knows that even if she doesn’t make a sales, she has educated them and helped them make the best choice. She focuses on living a life of purpose and abundance. Her enthusiasm is contagious! She radiates positivity and well-being and people are drawn to her venture.

Who takes the right types of action? Who attracts the right people? Who repeats subconsciously programmed patterns and who creates new thought patterns that are in line with a dream? Who opens doors with a smile and keeps customers coming back with an attitude of enthusiasm and a genuine interest in their well-being?

Would you rather hang out with Bob, or Mary?

Have you noticed that positive people seem to magnetically attract the good things in life? That is no accident! Smile, and people are drawn to you; speak positively of your dreams and abilities, and people are eager to help you. Or, frown and people avoid you! Blame, complain, put yourself down and speak of struggle and hardship, and people will not help – why would they? They are intuitively repelled by your unconscious negative ‘vibe’.

The attitude you unconsciously present to the world is exactly what you will attract.

Feel good and attract the good things in life with a positive mental attitude.A positive mental attitude feels better and it helps create a positive future. So why wallow and struggle in negativity? You can quickly turn things around with a few potent Silva Method exercises. The Mirror of the Mind, the Mental Screen and other self-reprogramming techniques change your inner reality from negative to positive. Only then will you experience a positive change in your external reality.

Choosing a positive mental attitude is not always easy, but it is always an option.

Imagine yourself having everything you’ve ever wanted. Enjoy that image. Ask yourself, how did I get here? How did I get from a life of struggle to a life of abundance? What did I do differently to make this happen? Did I have to learn to think about what I wanted instead of what I don’t want?

Start creating a positive attitude NOW: Make a conscious decision to be positive. Smile. Speak well of yourself and your future. See the good more than the bad. You’ll be happier and your happiness will radiate outward. And things will start going your way!

You don’t have to let habitual conditioned negativity rule your actions. Use the Silva exercises to help you create mental mastery, develop a positive attitude and build the life you desire.

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