What is personal mastery and how can you achieve it?

Personal mastery is about toughness - but also self-love.Personal mastery doesn’t mean controlling yourself in a restrictive way. It’s more about synchronizing your beliefs and your desires. For example, if you have a dream you’d love to live out but you’ve been telling yourself all your life that you can’t… mastering yourself will create a state of non-resistance and no inner conflict, and then achievement becomes remarkably easy and straightforward.

Or, you might have an unwanted habit that you can’t seem to shake. Willpower might work for a while… until you stop being vigilant and the old habits come back. Self-mastery means getting to the root of the habit, understanding why it developed, and reprogramming yourself to think of it differently (i.e. not as something that gives you pleasure or fulfills a need).

Sounds a bit daunting, doesn’t it? Well, the good news is, personal mastery is something that is developed step by step, not in one giant leap. It isn’t long, drawn-out process of deprivation or drudgery… if you approach it with the attitude of toughness and self-love. It means recognizing all aspects of your being: your innate gifts, your beliefs, your self-talk, your habits, your potential and bringing the whole package into sync.

What are the elements of personal mastery?

1. Awareness. You have to be aware of what’s going on in your mind if you’re going to get control of it. There’s no getting around this. Meditation is the best way to become an observer of your mind. Learn to observe your thoughts without judging them and without becoming involved in them. This is easier said than done, but you’ll get the hang of it, especially if you use the Silva Method to learn to get to know your mind.

Here’s how you can start mastering your mind right now: sit comfortably, eyes closed. Choose a point of focus. It could be your breath, a candle, a mantra or an object. The point of this exercises is to bring your mind back to the point of focus whenever it wanders. Hold your focus on it, and when your mind wanders, acknowledge the thought, quickly give it a once-over to determine the positive, negative or neutral tone of the thought, and bring your attention back to your focus object. If you are persistent in guiding your mind back as soon as you’re done acknowledging your thought, you will gain mastery over the mind. The real bonus of this exercise is that you’ll be able to stop negative thoughts immediately instead of getting caught up in worry!

Meditation helps you develop personal responsibility.2. Personal responsibility. Whatever you have thought in the past, you have acted on. That’s how things work. We do not act, and then think. Even if the thought is outside of our awareness, the thought always precedes the action. So the quality of your thoughts has directly determined the quality of your circumstances. Are you ready to take personal responsibility for your circumstances? It’s not something most of us readily agree to. We love to blame other people and external influences for our misfortunes, but in truth, even though we cannot control anything outside ourselves, we CAN control ourselves. We can control our thoughts and therefore we can control our actions. Ironically, taking personal responsibility is not a slap in the face. In the past, you didn’t know how to create what you want consciously – you created unconsciously based on old conditioning! Now that you are armed with this knowledge, you can feel empowered to go out there and create the life you desire. Become the conscious creator of your life using the Silva Method. Exercises like the Mental Screen help you visualize what you want and reprogram your mind to accept that image as possible. And then you’ll start acting on it!

3. Personal power. As you master your mind little by little, you’ll develop your personal power. Again, power here does not mean control of anyone else, it means control over your mind and the deliberate direction of the mind toward what you want to accomplish. More and more, you will want to take control of your destiny.

4. Practice and discipline. Self-discipline can be hard, but it becomes much easier when you think about it in terms of self-love. YOU are in control, right? And you want yourself to think and do the things you know in your heart are right for you. So guiding yourself in the right direction through daily practice is a very effective way to create the inner change that will reflect in outer circumstances and goals achievement. Again – it’s a process. You don’t have to master everything all at once. Relax into it! Give yourself permission to have a few setbacks, but with persistent daily action, you will make more forward progress than backward progress.

Daily practice is essential for excellence in any endeavor!5. A clear vision. You have to know where you’re headed if you’re going to steer your mind in the right direction. Daily visualization of your goals is a powerful way to imprint what you want into your subconscious, and then the incredible powers of your mind will mobilize to make it happen for you. But you have to be consistent. A stray thought and visualization here and there will do nothing. How committed are you to your goals? Use that desire to fuel your daily practice!

Personal mastery gives you the golden opportunity to fulfill your highest potential.

You become the driver of your life, the conscious creator who is in control of the mind and uses its amazing capabilities to make the most of your life.

On the way to personal mastery, you will develop very high self-esteem and confidence. What happens when your self-esteem and confidence are high? You cheerfully and enthusiastically say YES to challenges you know will bring you the greatest rewards, no matter whether those rewards are the achievement, the process or even the lesson in “failure.”

In other words, you will say YES to life to its fullest!


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