A moral values list is a set of standards or blueprint for how to live.

A moral values list is a set of standards or blueprint for how to live

Are you looking for a simple guide to live by?

Use this moral values list as your own jumping-off point.  A definitive morals list is nearly impossible to create because people will add their own spiritual/religious (or lack thereof) values to the list; however, this is a good start, and you can fill in the missing elements that you intuitively feel are right for you.

Why have morals?

Morals help create a civilized society where the greater good is valued over personal gain at others’ expense. Morals can be looked as a guide, a set of standards or a blueprint for our behavior. They help us think about the consequences of our actions before we take them; listen before we speak; and consider the lives and rights of others. Unfortunately, not everyone follows a strict or even a loose moral code.

Not everyone is fortunate enough to have an upbringing with strong moral values. To make matters worse, certain situations often put people in the impossible place of choosing actions not aligned with our morals (such as war). And, some people’s moral values differ so drastically from other people’s as to be the cause of conflict.

How do we choose our moral values?

Morals are related to anything that we care about the most; they are the product of upbringing and personal perception of what is important. For example, people who were not brought up to believe that ALL life on earth deserves a chance to live, may thoughtlessly – though not maliciously – exploit animal or plant life for their own gains. It’s not that they mean to cause harm, they just don’t consider it important.

So most of all it’s important to avoid being judgmental of other peoples’ values. Until you have walked a hundred miles in their shoes… try to keep an open mind.

How to live according to a moral values list:

How do you apply the list to your life? Be “just a little more” every day. Just a little more honest. A little more caring. A little more courageous. A little more of what is on your list.

It helps to keep a journal where you can chronicle things you did that you used to not do and you can see yourself becoming a better person each and every day.

Respect all life.

Respect all life

1. Be honest and trustworthy. Refrain from lying, cheating and stealing. It includes being honest with yourself as well as with others.

2. Be courageous. Do what is right, even when you’re faced with unpleasant or difficult personal consequences including personal danger and rejection by others.

3. Be self-controlled. Master your thoughts and control your emotions, speech and actions – especially in times of stress, anger, emotional upheaval or fear.

4. Have integrity. Have courage of conviction. Stand up for what is right. Do what you say you will do; be dependable and keep your promises.

5. Be caring and compassionate. Do what you can to improve the lives of others (as well as all life on this planet).

6. Be fair and just. Treat others as you want them to treat you. Do not discriminate.

7. Pursue excellence. Always do your best and strive to do better.

8. Persevere. Don’t give up; see obstacles and setbacks as lessons.

9. Make the world a better place. Find ways to better your community, family, self, country, etc.

10. Take personal responsibility. Own your life! Be accountable for your thoughts, words and actions. Know that your circumstances are a direct result of your thoughts, words and actions. Do not blame, judge, criticize or condemn.

11. Have empathy. See things from different perspectives; put yourself in others’ shoes so you can understand them and their point of view.

12. Add value to the world. How can you best share your talents? How can you improve the world using your talents, skills, knowledge and ideas?

13. Respect others. Know that your way is not the only way; it is one of several billion ways. Acknowledge the dignity, freedoms and rights of others.

Add value.

Add value

14. Be patient. Learn to delay gratification and learn to enjoy the process.

15. Forgive. Leave past hurts and misunderstandings behind. Stop any cycles of causing pain to oneself or others. Don’t seek revenge – seek peace.

16. Cooperate. Be willing to compromise for the greater good.

17. Have fidelity. Be faithful to your values. Be faithful to your vows and promises.

18. Be a good friend, especially in hard times.

19. Be tolerant. Accept and enjoy the differences among people. Choose to see people’s positive attributes instead of their flaws.

20. Respect autonomy. Respect the rights of individuals to live their lives their way.

21. Have self-respect. Don’t abuse your body; strive to constantly improve yourself.

22. Do no harm. To anyone, or anything, including yourself. Value life. Every living thing has a right to live; do not make another living thing suffer.

Be open-minded.

Be open-minded

23. Be open-minded. Open your mind to alternative points of view – different points of view are just as real to others as your point of view is to you.

24. Speak your truth, but consider that your truth is not the only truth, and another person’s truth may be vastly different from yours. Honor their truth as being as valid as your own.

25. Be willing to serve. That doesn’t mean making yourself subservient to another person; it means using your knowledge, time, skills, talents and ideas to improve the lives of others.

26. Do everything in the spirit of love. Real love is unconditional!

Using the Silva Method to Live Out Your Moral Values List

One of the biggest challenges in living out your moral values list is to be more open-minded and accepting of other people’s points of view and values. In meditation, you can use the Silva visualization exercises to mobilize your imagination to help you put yourself in other people’s shoes and imagine what the situation might be like from their point of view. This will help develop your compassion and understanding – and help you be more firmly committed to your own values.


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