Affirmations can change your financial situation!Can you use money affirmations to improve your financial situation? Yes, you can! Most of us are brought up believing that hard work is the only legitimate way to increase wealth; but it’s not. The only real, lasting way to have more money is to change your mindset about it, and thus change your thoughts and actions with regard to money. You won’t work harder; you’ll work smarter, and reap the rewards of an abundance mindset.

Why You Are Struggling

Consciously, you want money. Subconsciously, you don’t.

Your beliefs make you feel a certain way about yourself and money; these feelings cause you to make decisions; and every decision has a result. Your choices created your current financial situation. Your choices created it; and your choices can improve it. You can’t blame the economy or unemployment. It can be tough to take full ownership of your life, but consider this:

  • the greatest fortunes have been created in the worst economies
  • nothing is cast in stone; you can re-direct your energies, be open to opportunities that you dismissed before (IF you have the right mindset)
  • you may have subconscious blocks against money; and you can remove these blocks!

No matter your current financial situation or background, you can create positive change by upgrading the beliefs you hold about money and yourself including your ability to manifest money and your self-worth.

Consciously you want money; subconsciously, you dont!If you have negative beliefs around money, you can’t just declare one day, “I believe I am worthy of being rich” and expect different results. Why? Because the programming that is already in place, in your subconscious mind, will automatically reject that statement because it is not consistent with your beliefs.

You can work your hands to the bone at a well-paying job and make yourself wealthy. You might win the lottery or even inherit large sums of money – but unless you change your mindset around money, you will more than likely lose that money very quickly.

If your beliefs go against you having money, then you will unconsciously take actions to rid yourself of that terrible burden so you aren’t tortured by it anymore.

What?? Wait, I want that money!

Unfortunately, your conditioning says you don’t want it or shouldn’t have it. Therefore, your subconscious mind will helpfully ensure that you take the appropriate steps to rid yourself of it or avoid getting it in the first place.

Armed with this knowledge, you can get money to come to you easily AND STICK to you by changing your innermost beliefs about money. Think about enjoying it, being worthy of it, having it come to you easily, etc. – instead of the wealth-sabotaging beliefs you’ve been operating under.

Using Affirmations to Manifest Money

Affirmations are said with one purpose: to change the way you think – not consciously, but subconsciously. Affirmations aren’t intended as feel-good statements. They are commands. Using the Silva Method, you can actually reprogram yourself to become a magnet for money!

The first step is to relax into the alpha state using the Silva relaxation techniques. Once you’re relaxed, your mind is less judgmental of the new ideas you’re about to program into your subconscious. Then, you can change the self-limiting beliefs that keep money flowing away from you instead of to you using affirmations.

Delight in the abundance coming your way!Using affirmations successfully:

  • State them in the present tense. Avoid programming “I will have money” into your subconscious because… when? Your mind doesn’t know what to do with that statement. Say, “I HAVE money.”
  • State them in a positive way that focuses on what you want, not what you want to get away from. Avoid, “I don’t want to be poor”; focus your mental/emotional energies ONLY on abundance!
  • While you are repeating your affirmations, visualize yourself having and enjoying money. Imagine all of the wonderful things you can do with money! Imagine yourself receiving money, depositing it in the bank and using it.
  • While you are repeating your affirmations and visualizing, GET HAPPY! You are happy to have all of this abundance! Enjoy saying these statements about money, just as you enjoy the things you can do with the money!
  • For best results, say your affirmations several times a day for a few minutes with laser-like focus. Shut out thoughts of anything else, turn your attention to money. Hold that intense focus for as long as you can to intensify the command.
  • Say your affirmations slowly, with joy love; and after you have finished, enjoy the feeling that you have created in your body. It feels GOOD to have all that money, doesn’t it?
  • Repeat the affirmations DAILY for at least a month or more. This will imprint the idea into your subconscious. You are creating a new thought habit, where you automatically think positively about money instead of automatically thinking negatively about it. Important: if you miss a day, please go back and start over since it takes at least 30 consecutive days to firmly create a habit. Be mindful of why you missed a day, too.
  • Write your affirmations in addition to saying them. That way, your affirmations become declarations on paper, giving gives them that extra energetic boost that will accelerate the process!

Sample affirmations:

  • Create new beliefs about money; and manifest it easily!I always have more than enough money to meet my needs and satisfy my desires
  • I attract money easily
  • I love having plenty of money
  • I release all worry around money
  • I cheerfully expect money to come to me through unexpected means
  • My thoughts are always focused on abundance
  • I welcome money into my life
  • I am grateful for my ability to manifest money
  • Money comes to me through many channels
  • I allow money to flow into my life
  • I feel good about money!
  • I attract and create abundant, lucrative circumstances
  • People value what I do and I am rewarded handsomely for my work
  • I enjoy having more money than I need
  • I am worthy of having money

Create new beliefs about yourself and money through daily, heartfelt repetition; and see for yourself what happens!


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