picLearning to use your mind so that you can achieve your goals is one of the most basic aspects of self-development. But when the term “mind control” comes up, people become nervous, imagining sinister types brainwashing them into performing dastardly deeds…

But SELF control is essential for success. Mind control lets you override fear, think outside your usual patterns, control your emotions and handle situations rationally and control your thoughts to prevent negativity from taking hold.

What Mind Control Really Is

Successful, happy people have the same mental equipment as anyone. The difference is, they have learned the mind control techniques that maximize their mental real estate instead of letting it rule them.

Being ruled by the mind is the state of being of most people. Most of the thoughts we have are unconscious habits outside of our awareness. Mind control changes these habits. You want to instill new habits (like taking action) to replace unwanted habits (like procrastination).

You want to think in terms of “can” instead of “can’t.”

Some of the ‘unluckiest’ people in the world have risen to great heights not because their luck suddenly changed, but because they changed the ways in which they used their minds. If that is a hard concept to apply to yourself, you will benefit from the Silva mind control techniques. As you progress through the exercises, you will become more confident in your abilities to find ways to succeed.

Your mind is a magnetic force. Whatever you focus on, you will attract. That’s why training your mind to work FOR you is essential for success. For example: imprint in your mind the idea that there is no unsolvable problem – that you need to look at a problem from a different perspective and look beyond the problem to the solution to give your mind the command that THIS is what you want to accomplish.

Mind control techniques allow you to master every aspect of yourself.Mind control gives you amazing clarity of vision without self-imposed limitations. It gives you the patience to see plans come to fruition and opens you up to learning in a truly open-minded way, free of conditioned judgments.

Imagine someone successful that you admire. Put yourself in their shoes. You are confident and enthusiastic. You believe in yourself. You are eager to learn and explore. You do not allow fear to stop you.

THAT is mind control.

Developing Mind Control

The Silva Intuition System mind control techniques will create the mental and emotional environment within you that will attract and create success. The exercises build on each other, developing your powers of visualization and enhancing your intuition. You will start seeing life differently; and then you will approach your goals with the expectation of success.

The three aspects of mind control are thought control, image control (creative visualization) and emotional control.

Canceling and replacing negative thoughts - the essence of mind control!1. Controlling your thoughts can seem daunting because the mind is so masterful at keeping a constant commentary running outside of your awareness. Learning to make that mental chatter stop – or changing the TONE of that chatter – breaks the infinite loop of worry, fear, doubt and pain.

Control your thoughts by becoming aware of them; immediately saying, “cancel, cancel” to the thought you don’t want and replacing it with a more desirable thought. Yes, this takes practice and constant vigilance. But you don’t need to worry about every single thought you have! Of the many thousands of thoughts your mind generates every day, there are approximately 4-7 daily topics – things you’re worried about, excited about, etc. Get control of any negativity in these recurring daily topics and you will have changed the overall tone of your mental chatter. Over time, you’ll create new neural pathways that are more positive and proactive and less negative and reactive. That’s the mindset of success!

2. Controlling your imagery is just as important as controlling your thoughts. The imagination is immensely powerful so imprinting and holding images of what you want is essential for creation and manifestation. Creative visualization means creating a mental  image of what you want your physical reality to look like. Constantly visualize WHAT YOU WANT. It’s a command to your mind to mobilize the right thoughts that cause you to take the right actions and a command to start being aware of things in your environment that will help you.

Time spent creatively visualizing is NOT idle daydreaming. It’s powerful beyond measure. When you combine mental images with writing your goals down and reinforcing them with positive affirmations you create a potent mix of mental commands that will bring your dream to life.

3. Control your emotions. “Always stay positive” is something you may hear in personal growth teachings. But you are a human being and you are entitled to emotions – all of them. It doesn’t do any good to squelch emotions (you only end up with suppressed issues and negative energy). It’s better to feel them, acknowledge them - but control your mental state so emotions don’t control your actions and thoughts. Focus your attention on the emotion itself, not the thoughts that generated it, and don’t take any action whatsoever. Ride the emotional wave and let it pass (it will pass within 90 seconds, according to neuroscientists). Then turn your thoughts to something more positive.

William Shakespeare wrote in Hamlet, “There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.” You get to choose your emotional response to a situation – that is the key to emotional mastery.

Meditation – the Ultimate Mind Control Technique

Imagine yourself…

  • calm and focused on what you want.
  • listening to your intuition, without censorship or limitations.
  • letting your creativity flow freely.
  • being able to serenely push away an unwanted thought and replace it with a pleasing thought.
  • feeling less separate from others and more unified.
  • perceiving the world from many different points of view.
  • centered and grounded in the midst of chaos.

That – and more – is the power of meditation. You can learn effective meditation techniques in the Silva Intuition System program! Mind control with the Silva program is fun and illuminating. Start today for a better life!

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