Meditation mantras help you achieve a desired state of consciousness.

Meditation mantras help you achieve a desired state of consciousness

A mantra is a word, sound or phrase that you repeat during meditation as a way to focus your mind and create a certain state of consciousness. Meditation mantras are sacred in nature, whether they are religious or not. If they have meaning for you, if they ‘speak to you’ or resonate with you, they are sacred and important. Every word has an energetic vibration, and the speaking of mantras with a high, positive vibration will raise the vibration of your own energy field, creating a more positive and attractive state of being.

You do not need to use any mantras that don’t feel or sound right to you, no matter what anyone says. Certain words are associated with spiritual enlightenment or spiritual power – but if you can’t pronounce them, if you feel weird using them or if you just don’t like the way they sound, don’t use them. They are wrong for you.

The word “mantra” means “word” in Hindu. Since words have energy, your Word – the verbal expression of your intention or state of mind – is your command.

There is something mystical and powerful about the sound of your own voice during meditation. It becomes more than the physical you uttering a syllable or phrase; it becomes the Soul you, bringing the physical you into vibrational alignment with your true self (Soul).

How to Use Meditation Mantras

Alternate between silent and spoken mantras.

1. Make sure the word or phrase feels right and you enjoy saying it. You want to expand on good feelings that the words create in you, not mumble some meaningless phrase in a monotone, going through the motions without emotion.

2. Start saying your mantra after a few deep cleansing breaths at the beginning of meditation. Use the Silva Method to learn how to properly enter the meditative state, which is a state of a calm and tranquil mind, and heightened awareness. The mantra will help relax you and put you in the right frame of mind to achieve what you want out of the meditation.

3. Alternate between silent and spoken mantras. Silent mantras are more intimate, and useful if you are meditating around others – meditation is a journey within, and it’s nobody’s business what you do/say when you’re within yourself. Spoken mantras are interesting because you can literally feel the vibration of the word or phrase you’re using; this can help intensify your focus and gives you feedback on the physical effects of the mantra.

4. Incorporate your breathing into the mantra. Make the whole experience one of flow, not control or resistance. Breathe and feel each word as coming from your Soul, not your body. Let the words come through you.

5. Keep repeating the mantra. It doesn’t do much to say it a few times and then drop it. Keep that energy flowing and building on itself, and allow it to transport you into an altered state of consciousness.

Choosing or Creating Meditation Mantras

Choose a mantra that resonates with you.

Choose a mantra that resonates with you

The following is a list of meditation mantras that are commonly used, and their meanings. You can use these, or make up your own combinations as your intuition guides you.

“Om” or “Aum”: may be the world’s most commonly used meditation mantra and is considered the most sacred mantra in the Hindu faith. Om is a Sanskrit word meaning “it is” and is meant to convey the “original vibration of manifestation” or the sound of the universe. Focus on the silence from which Om originates; the welling up of the vibration; its gradual disappearance into silence; and the repetition of this cycle. This sound is both soothing and energizing, especially if you allow the sound to linger and vibrate in your throat. It is an easy sound to breathe into.

“Om Mani Padme Hum”: another ancient mantra, meaning “hail the jewel in the lotus.” This mantra speaks to awakening to one’s true nature as a divine spiritual being, one with all there is.

“I am that I am”: God’s answer to Moses when asked for his name, this ancient Hebrew mantra means the oneness of God and all creation.

These mantras are all beyond the scope of the intellect. They must be felt to be understood!

Some more “down to earth” mantras are:

“Love”: What better word is there, really? Focus on the emotions and physical sensations when you repeat this most powerful word. Love is a great feeling!

“Every day, in every way, I’m getting better and better.” Jose Silva’s famous phrase has been the mainstay of many peoples’ daily meditations. Although it sounds more like an affirmation than a mantra (because it’s a little longer than most mantras) it’s worth repeating as often as possible to help create the state of mind that allows you to create life according to your dreams!

Use mantras anytime to calm yourself, too.

Use mantras anytime to calm yourself, too

“I am”: is a powerful manifesting mantra. Your word is your command, remember. Add a word or two describing what you want to embody – in other words, what sort of energy do you want to bring into or create in your own energy field? For example, “I am strong”, “I am love”, “I am happy” or “I am at peace.”

“All is well”: this mantra helps you accept what is – especially the things you can’t control. It helps you come to terms with difficult people and situations by allowing you to see the hidden benefits and wisdom you would miss out on if you were constantly struggling to change someone or control a situation.

Meditation mantras are a simple and effective way to get the most out of meditation. But you can use them anytime to calm yourself in a difficult situation; stop negative thoughts of worry, anger or fear; clear your mind when you need to solve a problem; or uplift and inspire yourself. You can use them before competition, when you are visualizing your dreams, as you’re working on a project and your mind starts wandering from the task at hand, or anytime you need to bring your mind into the present moment.


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