There is no struggle involved in manifesting abundance. No sacrifice. No ridiculously long hours put in at work. Not even being in the right place at the right time. Sure, you can manifest abundance that way, but it’s not necessary.

Manifesting_abundanceChances are, you’re working hard and trying to save money, just like you were taught – but if you’re still struggling financially, there has to be more to it than that. And it’s not the economy. Current economic conditions affect your sense of abundance… if you allow them to. It’s a hard concept to accept, in the face of serious financial struggle but your sense of abundance is 100% controlled by you.

Manifesting abundance starts by overcoming the lack within.

The good news is, you are given the same playing field as anyone else. Plenty of people are born into wealthy circumstances; yet just as many start with absolutely nothing and create lives of abundance.

How is this possible? How can you start from where you are (probably worried about money and desperately seeking ways to have more, just so you can sleep at night)… and create unlimited abundance?

You’ve probably heard about the power of thoughts – “what you think about, comes about” and “ask, and you shall receive” – so if you’ve thinking and asking all the right things, why is abundance not manifesting? Why are you still struggling?

The trick to manifesting abundance is to look beyond your conscious thoughts and delve into the subconscious mind and your beliefs. You literally have to change your mind in order to change your financial status. You think, “I want to be rich” or “I deserve abundance” – but your energy, or the vibrations you project, are not congruent with those sentiments.

The real key to manifesting abundance is BELIEVING what you want to see manifest.

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Quantum physics helps explain this. It has been proven by science that the observer influences the results. Scientists discovered that when they observe something, it behaves according to their expectations. When something is NOT observed, it behaves differently. This startling discovery wasn’t a fluke. It has been demonstrated time and time again.

When you think about abundance, what do you expect the situation to be? Do you expect to live a life of struggle and hardship, barely scraping by? Do you expect to have more than you need to survive, with plenty left over for fun?

Intentions and Results

The power of your thoughts – your intentions – manifest in the physical. You, the observer, influence the results. That is what is meant by “ask, and ye shall receive”!

Positive_feelingsEverything is energy. Things – including unseen things like sound and thoughts – are not “made up of” energy. They ARE energy. Every energy body has its own vibrational frequency. Your thoughts; your words; money; a rose; apple juice; quartz crystal; light; sound – you get the picture! Similar energies attract each other. Similar energies resonate; there is harmony and attraction between them. Unlike energies repel each other; there is dissonance and destruction.

If your unconscious beliefs about abundance are at odds with the energy of abundance (including but not exclusively money) then you REPEL abundance. It’s that simple! Based on your unconscious beliefs, you EXPECT a certain outcome. You can talk and talk about wanting abundance, but if you don’t project it energetically – that is, if you don’t expect abundance – then you won’t experience it.

Changing the Expectations

When you’re happy, you feel light and energized.

When you’re unhappy, you feel heavy and lethargic.

This is no coincidence! The secret to manifesting abundance is deliberately moving toward the feelings of love, joy, peace and happiness! Abundance and positive emotions feel good, light and effortless. They have high frequencies that naturally attract each other. Put yourself among those energies and you’ll attract them effortlessly!

  • “As you sow, so shall you reap” – think the good thoughts that raise your vibration – and manifest abundance!
  • “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” – do the good deeds and say the kind words that raise your vibration – and manifest abundance!

Any vibration you offer will return to you as life circumstances. Any vibration you project comes back as a perfectly corresponding manifestation. That is universal law.

It’s how you, as an individual, vibrate, that determines the quality of your life. Are you vibrating high with love, compassion, enthusiasm, happiness, appreciation and optimism? Or are you vibrating low with fear, anxiety, depression, judgment, criticism, blame and worry? Which one will send abundance scurrying away and which will magnetically attract it? If you’re unhappy and worried about your current financial state, you create LESS abundance. You are vibrating “unhappy and worried about money”. What you sow, you reap… and you will manifest the people and situations that prove that you should be unhappy and worried about money. But it’s really the other way around… if you just CHANGE the way you see your current situation, abundance will come flooding to you!

Tips for raising your vibration and manifesting abundance:

1. Meditate on abundance. Feel it. Embody it.

Learn to appreciate and be grateful for everything - you'll automatically feel abundant!2. Visualize abundance. Use the Silva Method visualization exercises to hone your visualization skills so you can clearly picture yourself having unlimited abundance.

3. Give your best, always. Give your best thoughts; words; deeds. Give YOURSELF the best too. Stop putting yourself down and criticizing yourself. ALL energy you offer comes back to you as manifestation; it doesn’t matter at whom or at what your energy is directed; it matters THAT it is offered.

4. Choose gratitude. External conditions do not have to affect you. Choose to be grateful. Choose to see the upside in any situation. Choose to appreciate what you have. Choose to be happy and satisfied with what you have… and you’ll automatically feel abundant!

5. Expect abundance.

How do you know how high your vibration is? Do you feel good and are you attracting the good things you desire? No? Then think, do or say something that makes you feel good. You are in control of your abundance.

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