Want your dreams to manifest? Okay. You can make it happen. First, you need to understand what manifestation is, how it works and the role you play.

The Secret of Manifestation

Manifestation is cause and effect: taking ideas to reality - not magic!

Manifestation is not some sort of magic that only a few get to experience. It is not mysterious – it is cause and effect! It is the process of bringing an idea into the physical… or from nothing into something. Everything starts as an idea (a thought) before it can be created or experienced. If you think about having a cup of tea, you generate the idea first and then you take the actions. You don’t take the actions without having the idea.

Sounds simple, right? Thoughts are energy, and they manifest in the world as real things, experiences, relationships, etc.

So I can think about something and it will happen? Yes and no. All thoughts can manifest (a thought will create emotions, and emotions lead to actions). Usually when you think about something you want, you generate positive emotions. You basically tell your brain, “If this is achieved, I will feel good.” (That’s how habits are created!) Give any thought enough energy and you will create the mental/emotional environment that generates action. You WANT that cup of tea; in your mind you experience having tea; and that gets you up out of your chair to go into the kitchen and put the kettle on.

The tricky part is, that only 5% of your thoughts are consciously generated. Yes, only 5%. The rest are automatic thought habits that arise in the mind, habits based on past experiences and conditioning. You know how to make tea and the whole process is essentially automatic (basically the only choice you make is what flavor and which cup).

It’s a little trickier with big goals though. You may be thinking about a goal that challenges and intimidates you; you may even be picturing yourself achieving it, but your mind is saying, “Um, excuse me, that’s really hard. Only a few people have ever done that. If you look back at your history you will see that you can’t do that. It’s too much for you. You should choose an easier goal.” Of course all that monologue (made up for purposes of illustrating the point) comes in a nanosecond accompanied by negative emotions like fear and doubt. And the result? No action. No manifestation. Or, you may override that negative thought while the passion is high, and go for your goal, only to have it creep up again and again and thwart you at any moment… giving rise to the “QUIT” word… and no manifestation.

But do can you override that negativity? Yes, you can.

The Power of Visualization

Direct your imagination to exactly what you want.

When you think, you don’t think in words as much as you think in pictures and emotions. There might be a running monologue that accompanies the visuals, but the experience you imagine isn’t laid out in words on paper. It’s more of a mental movie that uses all of the senses – in your mind.

But most of the time when you use your imagination,  it’s unconscious and filtered through what is already imprinted in the mind.

Why would this matter? Using your imagination based on the past is extremely limiting. You’re basically attempting to solve new problems using old ways and to create a better future based on less-than-perfect past results.

But… if you can make it so you automatically think in alignment with your goals, then you’ll feel the positive emotions and take the right actions to manifest your desires. In other words, you will mold your unconscious thought processes so that they don’t contradict what you want to achieve. That means using the Law of Attraction (“like attracts like”) consciously by ensuring that the thoughts your mind generates automatically are in alignment with what you want.

The Silva Method can help! Manifesting what you WANT takes self-reprogramming (a little or a lot, depending on your beliefs and your goals) – reprogramming yourself to think “that is possible and I can do it” instead of “that is impossible and I can’t do it.” The Silva Method exercise that is most beneficial in this process is the Mental Screen http://www.silvamethodlife.com/better-visualization-with-the-silva-method/

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You can be a visionary. You can take an idea, and through self-reprogramming and visualization, create the mental environment that will enable manifestation.

How to Manifest Effectively

Don’t think about what you want in terms of “I want.” That means you are saying (and energetically projecting) “I don’t have.” And “I don’t have” is what you will attract.

Think about what you want in terms of “I have” – and drill that statement and sentiment into your mind until it sticks. Then “I have” will attract what you want!

Do not doubt. If you create the right mental environment (in which your beliefs, thought habits and automatic emotions are aligned with your dreams), you WILL take the right actions; you WILL be strong and persist when the going is tough; and you WILL manifest what you want.

The Silva Method teaches the components of manifestation: Desire, Belief and Expectancy

Desire, belief and expectancy: the keys to manifestation!Desire is easy; belief can be worked on and changed; and expectancy? That is when you patiently LET GO and allow the process to unfold, knowing that what you project is what you will attract. That doesn’t mean sitting and waiting for your desires to drop into your lap, it means being alert and aware and always taking action on inspiration, knowing that it is taking you in the right direction! When you allow the process to work, it becomes fun – you have an almost childlike cheerfully expectant anticipation of a gift (but with an adult’s patience)!

Manifestation begins in the mind. The real secret is creating the mental environment that aligns energetically with what you want. Visualization and dominant thought patterns attract energetically similar circumstances; so to manifest what you want on the outside, create it and embody it on the inside!


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