When you learn the secrets behind the most powerful manifestation techniques, you’ll be shocked at how easy it is to consciously create situations you want, instead of allowing circumstances to dictate the direction of your life.

Manifestation Techniques

manifestation techniques

Learn these powerful techniques to manifest anything you want like a magician

1. Set a deadline. It’s easy to dream big dreams or tiny dreams, but if they exist sometime in the future you’ll never get to experience them. “I am living in a majestic home on the California coast…” To manifest that awesome new home, you must take action. Even if that action means marrying someone wealthy! The house won’t appear if you only sit on the couch and visualize.

So, WHEN do you want to live there?

Here’s why deadlines are useful: does “someday” light the fire under you that gets you to take action, or does “in five years” get things moving? What skills will you need? What knowledge will you need? How can you use your talents? Where do you need to go to meet people who will help you? These questions can lie dormant if you don’t give them a deadline. But if you say, “I must have this skill within a year so I can start making money at (that)” – or “I must clarify my design ideas so I can present them to (that person)”… you’ll get MOVING in the right direction.

2. Love yourself. Yes, love yourself! This is immensely powerful. When you love yourself, you believe in yourself. You trust your intuition. You honor your values. You speak your truth. You feel worthy. When you feel worthy, your visualizations and affirmations WILL work because they are based on belief that you can have what you desire, instead of coming up against a brick wall of “that’s nice, but I don’t deserve that.”

When you love yourself, you feel worthy of having what you want!

When you love yourself, you feel worthy of having what you want!

Learn to love yourself through self-awareness and a dedicated practice of self-improvement. You are the co-creator of your life – for better or worse, you have co-created your circumstances! Now, while you may not like what you’ve created, it’s also incredibly empowering to take ownership because once you allow yourself to really, deeply, unconditionally LOVE yourself, you can take actions that are always consistent with that self-love. No more continuously sabotaging your best efforts because of deeply rooted self-limiting beliefs!

3. Mind over matter… otherwise known as the creative power of thought. Quantum physics asserts that the act of observation affects the properties of something according to the intentions of the observe. Researchers have found that when they expect a certain outcome in an experiment, the subject of the experiment meets those expectations – but if they stop observing the subject, it behaves according to its own “rules.” Everything in the universe, at its most basic, smallest “building block” state, is nothing but discrete energy called quanta. Quanta, or “particle-waves,” can act both as particles (matter), or as waves (light, sound, thought). Quanta affect each other, even over large distances. This means that you can influence and manipulate your external circumstances (such as your wealth) using your thoughts.

It’s so simple, but so difficult! The reason it is difficult is because it takes clarity, focus and time to generate enough focused thought energy to make a difference. The untrained mind is simply too scattered most of the time to be effectively focused, meaning your thoughts remain diluted and manifestation drags its feet.

focus with meditation

Focus your mind with meditation

Let’s say you’re reading in bed. If you shine your reading light on your book only intermittently, in short bursts (randomly and often turning it off or aiming it at something else) then you’ll have an extremely difficult time seeing the pages and an even harder time making sense of the words you see. You have to have steady, targeted light to see what you’re reading.

Focusing the mind takes time and effort. Get started by learning to meditate and quiet your thoughts with the Silva Method. Only then, can you successfully apply the “mind over matter” principles that have been taught by the great spiritual teachers for thousands and thousands of years:

  • “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you: For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.” – Jesus
  • “We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make the world.” – the Buddha

“Mind over matter” manifests through creative visualization, positive self-talk (affirmations) and self-reprogramming (to change self-limiting beliefs). The main objective is to imprint what you desire into your subconscious mind and then allow it to seek out the right conditions to manifest what you want.

The subconscious mind cannot tell the difference between what is ‘real’ and what is ‘imaginary’. However, it filters anything new through your conditioned beliefs, rejecting anything that doesn’t fit into the parameters of those beliefs.

Persistent, consistent visualization and verbal commands, infused with a LOT of positive emotion, get new ideas and intentions past these conditioned barriers. However, there’s more to it – remember “love yourself”? If you meditate and uncover the hidden barriers to money, love, etc. that have been making your previous visualizations and affirmations ineffective, you’ll open the door to success.

4. Gratitude. This is one of the most under-utilized manifestation techniques. By being more grateful for things/circumstances in your life, you become happier with what is. You know how things seem to go your way when you’re happy – it’s not that you are happy because things go your way, but they go your way because you are happy. Like attracts like. To manifest what you want you must offer up a similar vibration in order to attract it! A daily gratitude practice will help create a higher state of happiness, a higher vibration – and easier manifestation.

Use the alpha state exercises in the Silva Method to become attuned to your inner world, and begin the process of changing that inner world mentally and emotionally so that it begins manifesting in the outer world.


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