Kundalini meditation awakens the 'serpent' of energy within an individual.

Kundalini meditation awakens the ‘serpent’ of energy within an individual

Kundalini meditation is used to awaken Kundalini energy, or the life force energy that lies dormant in the body. Kundalini energy becomes dormant the moment we are born into this world, and since it’s dormant, most people are completely unaware of it.

Kundalini is a Sanskrit word that means, “coiled like a serpent.” This extremely potent energy is concentrated at the base of the spine, where it remains coiled and dormant until activated. When the energy is activated it uncoils, rising upwards like a serpent through the seven chakras; when it does that, it energizes every aspect of your life in very powerful ways.

The Chakras and Kundalini Energy

The chakras are energy centers in the body; each chakra corresponds to a physical area of the body as well as a spiritual, mental and emotional element. For example, the heart chakra is the energy center of the heart, as well as the lungs, arms, hands, upper torso and shoulders, It is the ‘center’ within the physical body for love, self-acceptance, compassion, belonging and relationships. The chakras closely correspond to the nerve centers of the body as well as the glands of the endocrine system.

The chakras are much like wheels that spin within the body, allowing for free flow of energy. But they can become blocked due to emotional turmoil, negative thinking and stress. Chakra clearing can be done on its own; or, Kundalini energy will clear the chakras in a very powerful way when it is uncoiled. As the Kundalini energy passes through each Chakra, it energizes them in a way that unleashes each Chakra’s full potential.

Dormant Energy

Why does the Kundalini energy go dormant at birth? From the point of conception until we are born, Kundalini is responsible for our growth and development. When we become conscious in this world, at birth, this energy becomes dormant. Conscious thought takes over – what’s interesting about this is that on a quantum level, thoughts and matter are the same thing (energy); and thoughts can powerfully influence what we perceive to be solid matter. That means our thoughts influence what happens in the body. Persistent negative thoughts like fear, worry, anxiety, anger and hate have very real physical consequences in the body. If an individual’s Kundalini energy were awake at all times, the body could easily overcome this onslaught of negative energy; but since it’s dormant, the body has to cope with physical life on its own. It does a spectacular job – but imagine how your health would improve if the life force of Kundalini were awakened!

Awakened kundalini enhances your life in amazing ways!

Awakened kundalini enhances your life in amazing ways!

Kundalini awakening is a way to enhance your life, promote self-healing, expand consciousness and increase vitality. It has been called the fountain of youth and often results in an inner awakening to one’s potential and purpose.

Once it’s reactivated, Kundalini energy gives new vitality to damaged, worn-out and weak parts of the body.. This powerful energy courses through the nervous system, delivering revitalizing energy to every part of the body. Once the energy has awakened in the body, deformities, diseased areas and even structural defects can be corrected! In addition to physical improvements, a person’s psychological and emotional health improves. A person will feel more centered, less anxious and stressed, calmer, happier, more connected and more powerful as a result of kundalini awakening.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of kundalini awakening is the ability to express any extraordinary abilities or talents you possess. Do you think you don’t have any extraordinary talents? You do – but because your kundalini energy is dormant, you may have had little success in nurturing and expressing those talents. If you ever dream about being or doing something specific that you haven’t had the courage to pursue, a kundalini awakening will give you the courage, and the energy, to do what you are meant to do!

Uncoiling the Serpent: Kundalini Awakening

Kundalini meditation can involve one or more techniques: contemplation, Mantras, breathing exercises and yoga postures. Although the Kundalini meditation is a Hindu philosophy, it is mirrored in the world’s major religions:

  • the “flow” of Tai Chi movements
  • the whirling dervish (Islam)
  • the torso-rocking prayer (Judaism)
  • the Holy Ghost phenomenon (“falling in front of the Lord”) (Christianity)

What will happen when your Kundalini is awakened? You will feel:

  • Ecstasy and bliss
  • Heightened awareness
  • Oneness with universal consciousness
  • Knowledge of self and all there is
  • Feeling of effortlessness
  • Greater sensitivity to your environment
  • Superhuman strength and abilities
  • Psychic abilities
  • Charisma and leadership
  • Profound peace
  • Enhanced sensory perception

Anyone can awaken their Kundalini energy! However, Kundalini meditation is best practiced under the guidance of a spiritual teacher who can teach the individual to activate the energy. Kundalini energy must be awakened slowly. Energy can have positive or negative consequences, which is why this type of meditation is best done under strict guidance. Improperly practiced Kundalini meditation can result in “Kundalini syndrome” (any number of unpleasant and dangerous physical and psychological symptoms that arise from energy that has been unleashed too quickly and without control (think about the unpleasant consequences of a striking snake).

Kundalini can also awaken spontaneously during a traumatic event; childbirth; the use of psychedelic drugs; intense shamanic or religious practices; or anything that temporarily shuts down or suspends the logical mind and allows the real self to emerge (the eternal, infinite, energetic self).

You can begin to open yourself up to kundalini awakening through the meditative practices taught in the Silva Method. Here, you can use visualization to encourage the awakening. However, please be aware that because of the inherent dangers of a sudden and dramatic awakening, you will want to avoid trying to go about it on your own. It’s really best done as a slow, methodical practice that ensures the right ‘direction’ of energy instead of a spontaneous ‘explosion’.


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