intuitive empathIntuition is a powerful thing – and you can develop intuition to improve your life. Some people are just born with intuitive powers and others simply develop intuition without even trying. These individuals who can easily sense, feel and understand the emotions of others, are called intuitive empaths.

What Is Intuition, Anyway? 

Intuition, in Latin, means in to you, and it is something that you have as a person. Your intuition gives you the ability to simply understand something right away, even without conscious reasoning. Intuition also allows you to know something or choose something right from instinct. Everybody experiences situations where they have to use their intuition; however, it may not happen on a regular basis. You may have had to use your intuition several times, but you might not have noticed it.

Given that your intuition can greatly help you and the people around you, it is important that you learn to harness its power and develop it to the fullest – such that you can become an intuitive empath.

The Benefits of Developing Intuition

Becoming an intuitive empath has plenty of benefits, not just for you but also for those around you. By developing your intuition, you:

  • Become awakened to your heart’s dreams and desires. This is very important especially for the millions of people who still do not know what they want to do in life. By fine tuning your intuition, you can figure out what you really want and desire to do and start from there.
  • Become more sensitive to other people, which will help you understand or relate to them further.
  • Can help other people by knowing when to comfort, support or care for them. Intuition can also guide you on what to do and what to say in situations.
  • Can further your career and other aspects in life by making better choices through your “gut feeling”.
  • Can reduce daily stress in your life, thereby increasing your happiness and health.
  • Can become more creative, allowing you to do and give the best in life.
  • Can keep you safe by warning you of impending danger.

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Can Intuition Be Developed? 

While some people are naturally gifted with intuition, it doesn’t mean that you cannot learn it, too. You can also learn to harness its power and become an intuitive empath, tooIndeed – intuition is a skill that can be trained and learned. All you have to do is start training. There are plenty of exercises that you can practice at home to help fine-tune your intuition, and these are as follows:

  •  Meditate RegularlyMeditation can take on many forms, from yoga to simple breathing techniques. Meditation allows you to clear out clutter inside your mind and heart allowing you to awaken your ability for intuition.
  • Practice Hypnosis – Hypnosis can improve many things and can help you become an intuitive empathy. You can choose to follow hypnosis programs or do self-hypnosis on yourself.
  • Limit The Use of Your Senses – Heightening your senses improves your intuitive powers, and you can do that by limiting one of your five senses when you are in a safe environment. You can, for example, close your eyes while typing or sitting down and combing your hair. You can also wear earplugs when you are in a safe but crowded area.
  • Practice Intuition Exercises – There are plenty of intuition exercises that you can practice daily. These include Blind Readings, Red Light Green Light and keeping an Intuition Diary.

If you want a comprehensive guide to harnessing the power of your intuition, The Silva Intuition System presents you a full guide that you can follow to harness the power of your intuition through meditation and other simple practices you can do at home.

First Things, First

Indeed, your intuition can really help enhance the quality of your life, and you too can become an intuitive empath. But, before starting anything, it’s important to put first things first. The most important thing that you should do before starting any program for intuitive empathy is to really believe that IT IS POSSIBLE. The only thing that stands between you and the power of intuition is your perception – so believe it, embrace it and own it and start experiencing the wonderful benefits of intuition, today!


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