In the first dream article “What Do Dreams Mean”, you read about the importance of dreams and how you can use them to improve your life. Hopefully you are inspired by the possibilities and the benefits of dream recall!

There are also additional benefits to remembering dreams. One reason is that dream recalls develops your memory; in other words, by learning to pay attention to your dreams and remember them, you also learn to be more aware in your waking hours, which makes it easier to remember the information you absorbed while awake.

If you think about your brain as a huge data warehouse, you know it can be difficult to retrieve memories at will (coming up with somebody’s name at three o’clock in the morning, after you needed the fact, does not count!). Learning to remember your dreams (which some people consider to be an alternate reality in this multi-dimensional universe) is a skill that you can apply to any memory you wish to retrieve.

Laura Silva explaining how to use the Clock and the Dream Control techniques


The Silva Method’s Dream Control technique you read about in the first dream article is extremely powerful in boosting your ability to retrieve information from your own biological data storage facility. Part of the Dream Control exercise involves keeping a Dream Journal and recording your dreams and their meanings. Memory can be a funny thing – everything that we experience is recorded as a memory, including dreams – and the process of recalling your dreams will enhance your ability to remember other events and items of significance.

The dream state is when the right and left hemispheres work seamlessly together, unlike our left-brain (hemisphere) dominated waking hours. Instead of relying on the time and language oriented left-brain to remember, you incorporate vivid imagery, which is an easier method of organizing information for easy retrieval later on. In essence, dream recall teaches you a better filing system for your brain!

If you are one of those people who can’t remember their dreams, rest assured – you DO dream. We all do; it’s just that for some reason unique to you, you may be suppressing your dream recall, perhaps because of childhood nightmares. However, the Silva Method can help you design your dreams so that they are productive rather than frightening, and thus provide you with another wonderfully effective tool for personal growth.


The second reason to remember your dreams is that you also develop greater mental control. In order to remember a dream, you must program that intention into your mind – the Silva Method teaches you how, using the Three Fingers Technique (which, as you’ll see, has incredible power to help you reprogram your brain!). You will learn to program very specific instructions into your mind just before you go to sleep – the type of dream you want, the fact you want to remember your dream, and so forth. This self-programming technique has far-reaching implications in your life, and it’s well worth developing this skill!


The Silva Method's Clock Exercise lets you wake up any time with no alarm

You must also wake up at specific times which are most conducive to remembering dreams; using the Silva Method’s Clock Exercise you learn to wake up after one or several sleep cycles and immediately record your dream before it’s buried in your memory archives. Dreams seem particularly vivid in the early morning hours; early morning sleep is usually lighter and the dream phase longer, so that is a good sleep phase to learn the Dream Control technique. However, if you want, you can program your internal clock to awaken at the conclusion of every 90-minute sleep cycle (approximately four per night). If you train yourself to awaken near the end of each cycle, you will not be mentally foggy (as you are during the heavy, dreamless sleep) and you will have excellent recollection of the dream. You want to program yourself to awaken near the end of a dream, so that the storyline is at or very near its end, the images are clear and vivid, and it makes sense. If you allow a dream to finish, you will also have a better understanding of it – unlike waking in the middle of a dream (which is like turning on a TV show in the middle and having no clue what it’s about because you’ve missed the critical first half of the storyline).

The Dream Control technique is very comprehensive. It teaches you how to remember dreams, but also how to deliberately design the kinds of dreams you want to have and use them to problem-solve, to come up with creative ideas for any situation, and to gain clarity on puzzling situations in your life. Is it easy to control your dreams? It’s a process, and you will experience periods of success and periods of frustration; the more you practice, the more you will develop your dream control skills. Begin with recollection of one dream per night, learn to analyze its meanings and learn to see the solutions it presents. As you hone your skills, you will be able to resolve many of your life’s issues during your dream states, and recall the solutions when you wake up or shortly afterward.

The mental control you develop using the Dream Control technique can also be applied to other areas of your life. As you improve your memory skills and mental control, you will find that creative problem solving, negotiations and understanding of complex situations will become easier for you. Learning to think with your whole brain using the Dream Control technique will lead to an enhanced professional and personal success!

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