Learning hot not to stress out is the best prevention!

Learning hot not to stress out is the best prevention

It’s easy to find information on dealing with stress but did you know you have the power within yourself to not become stressed in the first place? Learning how not to stress out is the dose of prevention that will make it easier to deal with the unexpected.

What about a completely stress-free life? That’s not ideal either. It means your life is beyond boring and there is nothing that challenges you. Some stress is useful – getting you motivated with deadlines, pushing you to greater achievements, etc. – but you can eliminate the drama and worries that don’t need to be part of your life.

Think about the stress of the dreaded Morning Rush. The alarm screams you right out of REM sleep and the day begins… with an ALARM. The morning is an ‘emergency’, according to your clock! Some mornings go smoothly, others, not so much. And then the rest of the day comes. You are pulled in a hundred directions at once, overwhelmed with a too-long to-do list, and it Just. Never. Ends.

It can end, if you use the Silva Method to get rid of self-imposed stress that keeps you on edge!


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1. Identify your stressors. Is it being late? Driving in rush-hour traffic? Deadlines? The morning “get to work” routine? Make a list of the things that cause you grief. What can you change on that list? Can you get up 15 minutes earlier (sure, you can!) to make the morning more leisurely? Can you take a different way to work, or adjust your work hours to avoid rush hour traffic – or, can you make the most of your commute time by listening to books on tape, or even learning a new language? Can you say no to your boss, explaining you can’t take on any more projects until you handle your current work? Make small time, attitude and commitment adjustments. You’ll be surprised at how effective this is.

Prioritize your activities!

Prioritize your activities

2. Use the four-square method. Draw a big square and divide it into quarters.

  • Upper left:  “Important and urgent”
  • Upper right: “Important but not urgent”
  • Lower left: “Urgent but not important”
  • Lower right: “Not urgent and not important”

Write your obligations in the appropriate box: work, to family, household, hobbies, volunteering, moonlighting jobs, spirituality, “me time”, etc. “Me time” goes in the upper left. You MUST take care of yourself to manage your stress. It can be anything from exercise to meditation or doing what you love. This square also includes the important things in life: family, goals, work and whatever else you feel is a “must have”.

Prioritize the rest of your activities and immediately get rid of anything “not important and “not urgent”. Next, consider “urgent but not important” – some things are loud and annoying but might go away on their own… even if they don’t go away, do them only after you have attended to the top two squares.

3. Organize and simplify. Take 15 minutes every day for a quick cleanup at home. Don’t just pick things up and shove them in the closet. Put them where they belong. 15 minutes a day is nothing! Do this when you get home from work, and then you can relax with a clean home full of good energy. Plus, you’ll be ready for tomorrow… and you won’t waste precious weekend time cleaning the house and getting organized! Create a relaxing environment at home and at work by decluttering. Get rid of anything that doesn’t please you, has sentimental value or you actually use.


4. Let it go.  Stress is a choice. Do things have to upset you? Do you really have to control everybody and everything? Use the Silva Method to learn to control your thoughts and emotions, and to reprogram yourself to be more relaxed in difficult situations. Emotional and mental control is the basis of the Silva Method. You decide how something affects you, and how you will respond. Use the Three Fingers Technique to program yourself to be more confidence and peaceful: http://www.silvamethodlife.com/the-silva-methods-and-public-speaking/

5. Singletask. Multitasking seems productive, but it’s the worst thing you can do. Your brain has to reboot every time it shifts from one task to another (“now where was I again?”) and you end up doing a lot of sloppy work. Focus on one thing at a time, give it your best effort, finish it, and then move on.

6. Take frequent breaks throughout the day. A brisk 10-15 minute walk gives you more energy and clears the mind.

7. Meditate. 15-30 minutes a day of NOT DOING, just BEING will destress and boosts productivity by clearing your mind. Just like a cluttered house is difficult to move around in and organize, a cluttered mind leads to scattered thinking and incomplete thoughts!

Meditate for peace of mind.

Meditate for peace of mind

8. Take care of your body. Exercise to release endorphins and take care of your body’s NEED to move. Exercise makes you feel good, and it takes you away from your problems. Nourish yourself with good food. Avoid sugar, caffeine and artificial ingredients that stress your body. Food is a powerful drug (a drug being anything that alters the body’s chemistry). Choose only foods that energize you. Avoid those those that upset your system or cause you to be overstimulated or lethargic.

9. Be grateful. Everything in your life – every annoying situation, difficult person or challenge has an inherent gift for you. Can you find the benefits, see the good and learn something about yourself? Can you self-soothe under pressure? If not, the Silva Method will help! Be grateful for every difficulty because it is a great opportunity. You will learn something about yourself, change your perspective, or learn how not to do things.

10. Visualize the best. Use the Silva visualization exercises and train yourself to imagine the best. You already know how to imagine the worst, so there is no reason you can’t imagine the best!

Stress is a choice. Up until now, you didn’t know that, did you? Well, now you do, and you have the tools to make a better choice.


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