Use energy healing techniques to improve health.If you’re interested in non-invasive healing methods that don’t involve dangerous drugs, look no further than energy healing techniques.

Modern medicine can, in one sense, be likened to “collision repair” on your car. It’s great at taking care of physical symptoms. However, it often fails to address the cause of the symptoms. Not all diseases are lifestyle diseases, or hereditary. Energy healing addresses the often hidden causes of a person’s lack of well-being – emotional energy that has altered a person on a physical level.

The basic idea behind energy healing techniques is that they promote free flow of energy through the body. This free flow allows the body’s own healing processes to function optimally.

Modern medicine had dismissed energy healing as something used by “primitive” healers but now that the study of quantum physics is showing us that everything is essentially nothing but energy, these ancient healing methods are seeing a resurgence.

Energy healing corrects and balances a person’s energy. Disturbances and blockages can come in the form of environmental toxins such as pollutants and artificial food additives, and emotional, spiritual and mental energies in the form of thoughts and emotions. If energy is blocked or unbalanced in an area of a person’s energy field (the ‘dense’ accumulation of energy that we perceive as a human being), their well-being suffers. Basically, our non-physical energy often causes symptoms in our physical body.

Energy healing often includes physical touch, and sometimes other physical means such as ultra-fine needles (acupuncture). But often, no contact is made between practitioner and patient.

Common energy healing techniques

The following is not a comprehensive list by any means – just a few samples of common energy healing modalities!

Reiki is probably the most well-known energy healing modality in the west. The practitioner becomes attuned to universal healing energies and transmits those energies to the patient through touch; the practitioner lays both hands on the patient, and healing energy flows through the healer to the patient’s affected area.

Acupuncture, acupressure and reflexology restore uninterrupted flow of energy in the body along channels called meridians. Energy flows like a river through the body. Blockages act like dams that cause energy to become turbulent and disturbed. Energy backs up, becomes overabundant and stagnant in some areas of the body and be deficient in others. Acupuncture uses very fine needles to stimulate various meridian points to release blocked energy. Acupressure and reflexology does the same, using touch or pressure rather than needles.

Qi Gong is an ancient Chinese technique where the healer does not touch the patient, but holds the hands a few inches above the affected area on the patient’s body, and directs energy to the patient. The practitioner feels the opposing forces of yin and yang, with the yin force pulling the healer’s hands closer to the patient and yang pushing them away. To balance the energy, the practitioner places his/her hands on either side of the affected area, balancing the yin and yang.

Energy healing is used in all cultures.Color, light and sound therapies are also types of energy healing. Everything has an energetic vibration. We’re familiar with light and sound vibrations, but color is a vibration too, and using the right color to affect a person’s energy is well-documented. You get different feelings if you are in a blue room versus a yellow room. A person who is stressed and upset would do better in a soothing pale green room than a bright, aggressive red room. Using the right colors in the healing environment, along with the right lights and sounds, will dramatically speed up healing.

Crystals have long been used in energy healing. Placed on the affected area by an experienced practitioner, crystals can cause the body to resonate with them at their particular frequency, positively changing the body’s resonance.

Remote healing is becoming more popular too. We all send loving thoughts and prayers to distant relatives and friends who are ill – and it helps! Some people may protest that this is impossible, but energy does not have limits. Even though the energy of visible light cannot pass through a brick wall, sound can, and so can other types of energy.

Prayer, or loving intention, has been shown to be highly effective. Energy healing techniques cross cultural and religious lines – it’s the energy of a person’s intentions, that helps heal others.

Some energy treatments are performed only once; others slowly and systematically dissipate many layers of negative energy. Multiple treatments may be necessary, but usually there is one primary area of blockage that affects the patient and once that is cleared, the healing process begins.

Mindset is everything: believe that it works!The KEY ELEMENT in energy healing is that the patient must be receptive. The patient MUST believe that energy healing works, and the patient MUST agree to be healed. If the patient creates mental and emotional blocks against energy healing (“this is hocus-pocus, it can’t possibly work!”) then no healing will occur.

When exploring any healing modality, including western medicine, it is the patient’s willingness and intention to be healed that is the most important. Yes, energy healing is “all in your head.” If you believe it to be so – and do not allow your intention to be polluted by “maybe it won’t work” or “it’s hopeless”… then you allow it to work, and mobilize your body’s amazing, innate healing capacity. People who have emotionally given up, will soon give up physically as well and those whose resolve to remain positive no matter what, will often experience spontaneous improvement.

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