What is Distant Healing?

Your thoughts affect other people, near and far.Distant healing is the use of thought energy or intentions to heal another person, even without being in their physical presence. The distance between the healer and the patient does not matter.

The energetic quality of your thoughts affects the people around you. You have probably been in a situation where you are with a group of happy people, and somebody negative joins the group – there’s an almost instant change in the energy of the entire group. One person’s ‘vibe’ – and the group’s willingness to accept it – changed the mood. Of course the reverse works just as well! You can be feeling blue, and someone walks in like a ray of sunshine and soon, your mood has lifted and you can’t help but smile and feel better. Imagine how your thought impact someone who is healing…

Can your thoughts transcend space and affect people who are not physically present? Can distant healing possibly work? The answer, now proven by science, is yes.

Healing Energy

We are more than physical, we are energetic beings.We are more than just our physical bodies. We are energetic beings! If you have ever sent loving thoughts to a distant relative or friend, you can be sure they received your energy just as you receive theirs when you are struggling. If you have ever thought about somebody and a few seconds later the phone rings and it’s that person… there was energetic communication. Quantum physics has proven that energy is not bound by distance or even time and particles interact with each other instantaneously across all dimensions.

Until recently, metaphysical phenomena such as distant healing were dismissed by scientists. Quantum theory and many studies on distant healing opened the scientific community’s eyes to the healing powers of the mind and the healing powers of intention remotely directed at another person. Healthcare professionals are beginning to accept distant healing as an integral component of patient care – drawing on the power of a patient’s family, friends and loved ones to facilitate healing.

Distance healing has been proven possible by quantum physicsDr. Daniel J. Benor, MD reviewed 61 studies on distant healing. Distant healing seems to contradict physical laws and our sense of reality, but these studies prove its effectiveness. Even great distances of thousands of miles did not appear to have any limits on remote healing.

Focused intention is the basis for distant healing. In the studies reviewed by Dr. Benor, cardiac patients being remotely healed had significantly fewer invasive procedures such as intubation, and fewer complications than patients not receiving remote healing. In this study, distant healing was in the form of prayer.

Other studies confirm the power of prayer as a healing modality. Prayer healing and secular distant healing are not as distinct as they may appear. In studies performed on trained distant healers of all spiritual persuasions, no findings proved that prayer is more powerful than focused intention, or vice versa. One study showed that AIDS patients who were remotely healed by trained healers over a 6-month period were significantly healthier and in a better emotional state than AIDS patients who were not subject to distant healing. Distant healing has been shown to be effective in treating back pain, anxiety, hypertension and arthritis, speeds up post-surgical recovery and has been shown to heal small tumors.

Focused intention or prayer are effective healing modalities.But how do we know that it’s really distant healing that caused these differences between control groups and those being healed remotely? The effects of distant healing are not uniform and therefore extremely difficult to measure. There are many variables: one person’s focus may be stronger than another’s; the mindset of the patient may be negative; other factors include the nature of the illness and even contradictory intentions from other people.

The Healer/Patient Connection

What has intrigued researchers is the timing – when a healer focuses their intention and there is an almost immediate physiological response in the patient, and this phenomenon is replicated, the correlation is clear.

Skin conductance or electrodermal testing measures the ability of sweat on the skin to conduct electricity. This simple test identifies the precise moment at which a healer’s intention actually impacts a patient’s nervous system. Patients’ electrodermal responses were monitored and indeed showed measurable and repeated effects from distance healing – including relaxation, which is essential to healing and clearly shows up on electrodermal testing. Some patients have reported increased relaxation, sleepiness, calm, energy and peace while they were being healed by healers not physically present – and these physical responses were synchronous with the healing energy transmission.

The patient’s mindset – the subconscious belief in being healed – is also critical to the process. Without this intention, no healing can take place.

Distance healing has been shown to alter DNA.Most remarkably, distance healing has been shown to alter DNA – specifically, the winding and unwinding of DNA strands. Since a person’s DNA controls many of the body’s cellular functions, and distant healing can influence DNA, then intention influences health.

Becoming a Healer

Can anyone learn to become a distant healer? Yes! We all have the capability to think, and to intensely focus our thoughts – however, instruction is helpful. The exercises in the Silva Intuition System help you develop the ability to intensely focus your thoughts to a degree you may not previously have experienced and to direct that powerful healing energy to a person in need of healing. The effect of distant healing is greatest if you practice compassionate intention – simply, the sending of LOVE, in a very focused and deliberate manner.

If you are in need of healing, you can also benefit greatly from Silva Intuition System training since your mindset is critical for healing. If you believe you will be healed, you will be; if your thoughts and emotions are positive, healing will be accelerated. Distant healing is a cosmic cooperation between the intentions of the healer and the intentions of the patient – if they are in sync, healing will occur; but if they are disparate then healing will be delayed or even complicated (for example, the healer does not fully believe in their ability to heal while the patient believes wholeheartedly, or if the reverse is the case).

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