Clairvoyance refers to the ability to gain information about an event, person, object, or location by means other than the physical senses. A person who demonstrates this ability is called a clairvoyant (“one who sees clearly”).

Do well all have this ability? Can anyone become clairvoyant?

Yes – with training, you can develop and enhance your clairvoyant abilities. It’s true! Everyone has the ability to use intuitive, non-sensory ways of sensing information, but most of us have not been brought up believing that this ability is normal and common.

Are You Aware of Your Clairvoyance?

Premonitions are examples of clairvoyanceHave you ever had a bad feeling about a situation or someone, or premonitions about the future? Have you ever felt that something was going to happen and you felt agitated for no logical reason? These are examples of clairvoyance. Popular media focuses on the disaster-prevention and murder-solving abilities of clairvoyants. But not all messages that we receive by extra-sensory means are negative or potentially devastating. We can have very strong feelings about taking a certain job, for instance; or taking a particular course of action – this is how clairvoyance can be useful in helping us create our ideal lives. But since most of us ignore these messages, we are not attuned to the intuitive guidance we all possess.

Relying on the physical senses to gather information about our world can be somewhat limiting because all information processed by the senses is filtered and categorized through our logical mind. If we have a paranormal experience of any kind, the logical left brain hemisphere automatically rejects it because it doesn’t fit in to the normal, logical way of perceiving the world. Clairvoyance and other psychic abilities are things that cannot be understood by the logical mind – but they are perfectly normal and accepted in the right brain hemisphere’s way of processing the world: without the constraints of time, space and what the physical senses can pick up.

It’s interesting that the definition of ‘intuition’  -  something that one knows  from instinctive feeling rather than conscious reasoning; is closely tied to ‘clairvoyance’ – the faculty of perceiving things or events in the future or beyond normal sensory contact. The two are closely intertwined. They are both ways of acquiring and knowing information by extra-sensory means.

How to Develop Clairvoyance

Develop your intuitive, clairvoyant abilitiesYou can develop your intuitive abilities when you enter the slower brainwave activity of meditation, or if you learn to lucid dream (that is, be a conscious participant in your dreams). The Silva Method teaches you how to lucid dream; it also teaches you the many ways that being in the alpha state can benefit you. This includes developing your intuition, clairvoyance, and other nonphysical ways to perceive and process information.

Being in the alpha brainwave state is important for clairvoyance. The normal waking beta brain activity state is characterized by a reliance on the physical senses; so one needs to slow the brain’s activity in order to recognize that information is coming in other ways as well.

Have you ever had a flash of insight or inspiration? Here’s how that comes about: parts of the brain will dip into the slower alpha brain activity for microseconds several times per minute during the normal waking hours, when the majority of the brain is operating at the beta level of activity (normal alert, active mode). This slower activity state is where intuition is accessed, and it explains why we receive only flashes of insight, creativity, inspiration, perception or intuitive feelings. Clairvoyants have just developed the ability to remain in the alpha brainwave state for longer periods – so the information can be perceived freely, and they are open and non-critical of the information they receive.

It’s important to be non-critical. If you judge the feelings you receive (or visions, inner voice, etc.) then you are less likely to act on them. But since most of us have been brought up to believe that clairvoyance is right up there with voodoo and ghost hunting, many of us discount the valuable information we receive through non-physical means.

The Silva Method teaches that all information we need is already available to us – we just need to attune to it.

Let feelings and images come to you without judgmentHow does intuitive information come to you? It can come via feelings, images, sounds or other senses. The actual information doesn’t come through those senses – but we must process that information somehow, and so we process the information in the way that we most commonly process the world: through the physical senses. Some people are very visual, so they will tend to receive images. Others are kinesthetic, or feeling-oriented; they may receive information through physical sensations and feelings. Still others are auditory, and they may hear their inner voice speaking to them.

When you spend some time every day in meditation and learn to quiet your mind of all internal distractions (your habitual thoughts and inner chatter), you become more open to messages coming from the universe. Intuitive guidance can be loud sometimes, but often it’s subtle and you have to have a clear mind in order to be aware of it. That’s why the slower, calmer brain activity, where language stops, is essential for uninhibited clairvoyance.

Forcing clairvoyance doesn’t work. It’s best to allow it – again, by entering the alpha state, clearing the mind of distractions, and letting feelings come to you without judgment.

Intuition and clairvoyance can be very powerful tools for creating the life you desire. No, you don’t have to spend your time gazing at a crystal ball. Just learn to be aware of your feelings and thoughts, and develop the skill of listening to your intuitive guidance, by entering and opening your mind in the alpha brainwave state.

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