What is Positive Thinking All About?

Have you ever listened to the quality of your self-talk? Do you ever tell yourself that you are afraid, that you shouldn’t try, that you’re not good enough, that you don’t deserve something?

Does your way of thinking let you be, do or have what you want?Do you think that self-talk is doing you any good? Is it causing you to move toward your goals and dreams, or is it keeping you stuck?

Positive thinking is extremely powerful. It’s a series of commands to your subconscious where the beliefs that drive your self-talk reside. Unless the underlying beliefs are changed, your self-talk will never change; and if your self-talk doesn’t change, your actions will never become aligned with your dreams.

You might think to yourself, “but I talk to myself positively all the time!” But what really matters is not the conscious self-talk but the unconscious self-talk. That’s the self-talk that flies under the radar. The mental chatter that makes up the continuous monologue in your head is what you need to change if you’re going to see any improvement in your life.

Think about this: what if your undercurrent of self-talk consisted of statements like, “You can do this, you deserve it, you are worthy, you are good enough, you are capable, you are blessed, you are abundant, you are strong, this is possible, this will be fun…” Not many of us have a positive monologue running in our heads, do we? Most of our self-talk is centered around fears and negativity; not that anyone would consciously choose to talk to themselves like this, but past conditioning has created a mind script that keeps us stuck.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. You don’t have to sit on the sidelines and watch other people live their lives with excitement and fulfillment. You can go out there and live like that too!

Techniques for Adopting A Positive Attitude

We are all taught the do’s and don’ts of life, but most of us are not taught how to believe in ourselves and we don’t fully comprehend the message of success. We are taught how to act and how to think, but not in a free and limitless way. Most parents encourage their children by saying, “You can be anything you want” and “You can do it!” They have their kids’ best interests at heart.

Most of us are not taught the power of positive thinking for success.

However… children unconsciously pick up what their parents DON’T say as well as what they say to themselves, not just what they say to their children: “We can’t afford to move to a bigger house,” “The economy is too bad right now to start a business,” “I’d have to go back to school to do that and how can I do that with little kids running around?”; parents may talk about dreams yet never take a single bit of action toward them. Unconsciously, kids notice; parents may start a project and then give up, citing all sorts of reasons for quitting; and the kids notice this too. Little by little, self-esteem, confidence and self-worth are chipped away under the ever-increasing load of beliefs that success means hard work and sacrifice, money is hard to come by, you’re “lucky” to have your health, you’d better not make waves so you don’t lose your job, etc. But how many of these beliefs are based on a limitless perspective where you can truly be, do or have whatever you desire? None! These beliefs are based on assumptions that have been passed down through the generations – often with no basis whatsoever on the current situation. Yet we all unconsciously adopt these assumptions as the gospel truth, only because someone important to us voiced them.

What if you were taught that you had no limits? What if your environment was so positive and encouraging that your self-esteem never raised its objections when it came to achieving something difficult? What if nobody ever said to you, “That’s impossible” or “You can’t do that”? How different would your life be?

Overcoming that negative past conditioning is what you will learn to do as you progress through the Silva Method self-mastery exercises. Positive thinking is more than words – it’s also images. When you learn to visualize creatively and change your self-talk, you begin the process of reprogramming yourself to think positively.

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The Mirror of the Mind, Three Fingers Sleep Control, the Centering Technique and the Mental Screen are just a few of the Silva exercises that teach you to master your mind. You will learn to control your thoughts and images; imprint new ideas; and focus your mind so that you make it work for you instead of against you.

PWhat if you were taught you had NO limits?ositive thinking is a holistic approach to life: it’s more than just mental mastery. To really think positively, you have to feel positive both physically and emotionally as well as mentally. The synergy of positive mental, emotional and physical feelings will have you sitting on top of the world in no time. It’s impossible to be happy when one of these aspects is negative. When you are ill or injured, your physical state affects your emotional and mental states – but you can learn to overcome the physical negativity and actually turn the situation around using your emotions and your thoughts. When you are depressed, your physical condition deteriorates and your mental processes don’t work optimally – but again, you can learn to overcome the emotional negativity and improve your overall well-being.

The first step to adopting positive thinking is a simple decision that might surprise you.

You can literally transform your life by doing one thing: DECIDING TO FEEL GOOD.

No matter your circumstances, you can make the decision to feel good, to be positive, to be happy, to be optimistic and hopeful, and to take control of every aspect of yourself. It’s not avoidance or denial. It’s not sticking your head in the sand and hoping a bad situation will go away. Positive thinking is a shift in the way you perceive the world, the images and words you use, and the beliefs you create. The end result is that you feel good, and things start to go your way because positive beliefs foster positive thoughts, and daily positive thoughts lead to daily positive actions. Then, you can enjoy the fruits of your actions!

Here are some helpful positive thinking tips:

1. Take care of yourself: give your body the gift of excellent nutrition, daily exercise, relaxation (including meditation) and adequate sleep. Stress is the number one reason your health might not be ideal and why your sleep cycles might be disturbed. The Silva Method will help you manage your sleep by self-programming positive sleep cycles and by teaching you to manage your thoughts and emotions using self-talk and visualization, to reduce the stress that keeps your mind racing and disrupts sleep.

We are often so busy with obligations that we forget how essential it is to take care of ourselves. Taking some “me time” is not being selfish – if you can take care of yourself, you can do a much better job of taking care of others and your obligations!

2. Surround yourself with positive people and positive energy. Avoid the downers and the drama queens, and surround yourself with people who are happy and optimistic. Negativity is contagious and very insidious. It can sneak into your life slowly until it’s so ingrained you don’t even recognize it – but it’s there, and it’s powerful if you ever hear yourself judging, complaining, blaming or condemning. Pay attention to the way you talk, to see if negativity or positivity have more sway with you! The more you think positively, the more you will naturally gravitate toward positive people and situations and the old negativity will fall away from your life.

Positive thoughts lead to positive actions and positive results!3. Monitor yourself. Check your attitude, your moods, your emotions and your thoughts whenever you can. That’s not to say you should constantly be aware of what you’re thinking – first of all that’s impossible, and you will miss out on the life experience. Just try to notice how you’re feeling when you’re doing the things you normally do. Your feelings are huge signposts that point to your mental/emotional attitude. If you feel good, you are being positive; if you don’t feel good, you are being negative.

4. Change your perspective. Is it possible that your way of seeing a situation is not the only way of seeing it? Of course it is. We all have habitual ways of looking at things – literally, for every single person alive, there exists a different point of view. Taking yourself outside your limited perceptions means that you become open to alternatives. You might, for example, experiment and have some fun imagining you’re looking at your situation from the perspective of someone wealthy and successful – how would a great achiever view your situation? How would your situation be handled? Looking at things from an “I can do this” standpoint is a component of positive thinking techiques. This technique also helps with conflict resolution. Everybody’s perspective is 100% valid and correct, in their point of view. Learning to accept this fact – that YOUR way is not THE way – is a hugely important personal growth step that will leave you feeling happier, more compassionate, more connected and more confident.

Imprint positive thinking during meditation for a great change in your life.5. Use positive affirmations to imprint positivity. The Silva Method teaches you to enter the relaxed and open alpha brainwave state where you can do your best personal growth work and self-programming. This level of brain activity is less frenzied than the normal walking state. You are more attuned to intuition and less affected by negativity, which is why the Silva Method positive thinking exercises are all performed in this brainwave state. Imagine your mind as free and clear of the worried chatter, and open and willing to new, positive thought patterns. All of those positive thoughts will influence your actions for much more satisfactory results!

6. Be kind to yourself. As you take charge of your mind, you’ll come across beliefs you hold that are unpleasant to you (beliefs you would not have chosen yourself). You might start feeling bad, but avoid the temptation to be harsh with yourself. Remember that most of the beliefs you have acquired throughout your lifetime have been unconsciously adopted from other people (mostly parents, peers and teachers) – these beliefs are not yours, really, so feel free to release them. Use humor – it’s a great way to take the sting out of feeling wrong about holding a certain belief!

7. Use your imagination. The visualization exercises you learn in the Silva Method will help you create mental images of the life you want to life. Then, with consistent repetition of positive images and positive affirmations, you will reprogram your mind to align with what you want. You have the power to imagine anything, and the Silva Method will help you overcome the judgments that your logical mind places on your imaginings. This will help you solve problems in ways that would have otherwise never been accepted as valid or possible.

8. Meditate. It might seem counter-intuitive to sit around and “do nothing” but it’s one of the most important things you can do (or technically, not “do” but “be”). This time of introspection will give you a much better idea of how much negativity is entrenched in your mind; and you’ll develop the mastery to choose your thoughts and images, and gradually reprogram that negativity out of your life. We are so programmed to always do, do, do, but taking the time to “be” is one of those things that, when cultivated, will make life seem more like a pleasurable experience than a series of chores.

Positive thinking is the easiest way to make changes in your life. Sign up for free lessons today!

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