Qigong is an ancient practice of moving meditation that aligns present-awareness, physical movement and breath, with the intention of enhancing well-being by enabling the free flow of Qi, or life energy, through the body.

What are the benefits of QiGong?

qi gong symbol

Chinese characters “Chee” – means energy and “Gung” means work

Like other forms of meditation and other personal development methods, Qigong has many benefits:

Improved health: Qigong is moving meditation requiring slow, precisely controlled movements. It helps to:

  • strengthen muscles and promote muscular endurance
  • promote good posture and flexibility
  • release stress that is held in the body
  • improved cardiovascular functioning
  • improved respiratory functioning
  • improved immune system
  • activate the body’s self-healing capacity

Qigong is a very effective form of stress relief. Stress causes or contributes to all physical ailments, and de-stressing helps the body begin the healing process.

qigong and energy

Qigong and energy

Improved energy: When you’re happy and calm, you have lots of energy for anything that comes your way. You feel alive, enthusiastic, energized, strong and vibrant. This is how you should feel!

But if you’re stressed, depressed, tense and anxious, your body almost visibly collapses on itself, causing blockages in life force energy – and as a result of these energy blockages you feel lethargic, weak and even mental sluggish

Qigong helps you simultaneously improve the way you feel physically and the way you feel mentally and emotionally.

Improved mental well-being: Most people take up Qigong for their mental and emotional well-being. Just as the Silva Method helps you train your mind, so does Qigong – and the two are a perfect complement for each other since the Silva Method is heavily focused on visualization and self-reprogramming using the spoken word; Qigong uses the breath and slow, controlled physical movements as a way to direct the mind. The result is the same – mental mastery! That means that when you combine the exercises you learn in the Silva Method with a Qigong practice, you will be able to:

  • regulate your emotional response to any situation
  • master your thoughts (meaning you can ignore or eliminate any negative, stress-producing thoughts and replace them with positive, proactive thoughts)
  • become more self-aware, which gives you the ability to release self-limiting beliefs
  • consciously move energy through your body
  • maintain a calmer, happier frame of mind, no matter the chaos going on around you

What is the best way to learn QiGong?

You may be wondering if Qigong is hard to learn. It’s not – certainly no more than any other form of self-mastery! It’s a process of becoming more self aware, stirring up stagnant or blocked energy, releasing those energy blockages and feeling an incredible relief and freedom as a result.

One of the ways to learn Qigong these days is through a good home study course where you are given proper instructions so that you get started not only learning the correct movements, but how to cultivate the right mindset and how to consciously move energy through your body.

Meditation, breathing and simple physical exercises are combined in the basic Qigong instruction to give you an immediate sense of self-control – and you will quickly start to notice the many benefits of improved well-being!

So, are you excited to try Qi?

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