We all want to have a better life. We all want abundance of good things such as happiness, prosperity, success and health; and of course, we all want less difficulties and less stress. While these things can be achieved if you work for it – there is more to simply working for it than just physical exertion. Indeed! Our state of mind can alter things in life and can bring us this success and abundance. To do so, however, you will need to achieve a certain state of mind which is the Alpha Level.

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What Is The Alpha Level State of Mind?

Throughout the day, the mind goes through different states. During our waking hours – when we are fully alert or when we use our five senses and perceive time and space, our mind is in the Beta level, with brain wave frequencies of 14 to 21 or higher. During meditation or light sleep, that is when our minds are in the Alpha level. Deeper into sleep or meditation, the mind enters the Theta level and lastly, when the mind enters very deep, unconscious sleep, it slips into the Delta level.

The Alpha level is the state of relaxed awareness, and while most people only achieve this level once they are asleep – you can achieve this level even when wide awake. It is when you are in this state that you can think, learn, memorize things and interact with people successfully.

Here are some benefits of achieving alpha levels even during waking hours:

  • Relaxed mind and thoughts
  • More internal awareness
  • Less stress, anxiety, nervousness and fear
  • Calm emotions
  • More creativity
  • Better problem solving
  • Better athletic performance
  • The ability to super-learn, recall and retain information better than normal
  • Better immune system function, faster recovery from illnesses

All these positive things, of course, will of course lead you to what you always want – the good life. By being relaxed, less nervous, less anxious and in control of your emotions, you can improve yourself and your relationships with others. You can also end up performing better in the things you do, leading us to success – be it in work, personal growth or other aspects in life.

Can I Achieve Alpha Levels While Awake?

Studies show that there are indeed people who naturally have higher alpha brainwaves when awake. Extroverts, or people who are outgoing, are more likely to have higher alpha activities in the brain. Individuals who meditate in a regular basis also achieve alpha brain wave activity regularly. Lastly, it has been found that children experience greater alpha level activity than adults.

That doesn’t mean, however, that you cannot achieve alpha brain waves or reach alpha level while wide awake. There are plenty of ways for you to slow down, relax your mind and increase alpha level activity. There are online classes, videos, forums and other instructional materials that you can use and follow to do so. These methods are quite simple, and these include relaxation, self-hypnosis and meditation techniques.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and make use of your brain’s ability to  achieve alpha level activity today. Make this your weapon for a better life and better future ahead!

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