Affirmations for health work, if you do them the right way!

Affirmations for health work, if you do them the right way

Healing using the power of affirmations has been around for a long time. If you are wondering if affirmations for health work, the answer is yes – if they are done correctly! But before we get into the power of affirmations, let’s talk about how the mind influences the body.

Health is one of those things we take for granted – it’s easy to do that, because the body is so masterful at healing itself if given a chance. Most of the time we don’t notice it when things are going well; we only notice it when the system starts to break down.

In the vast majority of cases, the dis-ease of the body is a direct result of dis-ease in the mind. Often times this goes on in the subconscious, outside our awareness, like the everyday workings of the body. Your state of mind either has healing energy or harmful energy. If you’ve ever had to cope with severe and persistent emotional distress, you may have noticed an equally dramatic decline in your health and in times you’re very happy, you feel vibrant and alive.

Physical patterns are always created in sympathy with emotional patterns.

Being emotionally healthy and having mental mastery to immediately replace negative, destructive thoughts with healing, positive thoughts will go a long way in healing the problems you are having now, and prevent physical problems in the future.

Common Mistakes – Or, Reasons Why “Affirmations Don’t Work”

The most common mistake that people make when repeating affirmations is that they focus on what they want to get away from. For example, “I want to lose weight.”

The most important thing to remember is that “don’t” and “not” are meaningless to the brain. Have you ever told someone something like, “I don’t want to be sick anymore”… only to have your illness linger? That’s because the brain focused on “I” and “sick”. This is because when you say something, your brain automatically translates that into an image. You picture the various elements of your statement: it’s easy to visualize “I” and “sick” – but what kind of a picture can your brain create around “don’t” and “want”? What do you visualize when you say the word “can’t” or “no” or something that isn’t a person, place, thing or activity?

The second most common mistake is saying your affirmations in the future tense: “I will be healthy” or “I will be free of cancer.” Well… when? The first example is better than the second; again, the second example is all wrong because it focuses on what you want to get rid of or cure AND it’s stated in the future tense!

Did that get you thinking about how you use language every day? Affirmations are specific, directed commands but don’t discount the power of the language you use all day, every day. What you think about, comes about, and your language reflects that. If you use the Silva Method self-reprogramming techniques you will see how your thoughts affect the way you speak and behave (thus creating your results); and, you will learn to use very deliberate language techniques to imprint positive, health-promoting beliefs and thoughts into your mind. This is done through the use of affirmations.

Now, you can begin crafting affirmations that are very clear and easy for the brain to understand. They are focused only on the end result.

If you replace “I don’t want to be sick” with “I am healthy”, this is a picture the brain can create in its entirety! Focus on that and let it become the dominant image and feeling in your mind.

The main thing to remember about affirmations is this: the most powerful manifesting command in the universe is “I am.” When you write your own affirmations, simply use, “I am (what you want).”

Sample Affirmations for Healing

Read through the following list of affirmations out loud, to see which ones resonate with you. Resonance is important. Just like your thoughts, certain words have an energetic frequency. Think about the word “healthy” for a moment – it feels vibrant, light, alive… now think about the word “sick” – it feels heavy, dark and well, sick! So choose the affirmations that are the most in tune with what you need. Choose the ones that jump out at you and feel right.

Pick one or two and say them every day, without fail, for a period of 30-60 days, depending on how resistant your subconscious mind is to the command. One day you will wake up and not feel the need to say the affirmation. At that point, it has imprinted in your subconscious and is already in the process of manifesting.

  • My body reflects my thoughts and my thoughts are positive, strong and vibrant.

    Feel alive and energetic in your mind and the body will follow!

    Feel alive and energetic in your mind and the body will follow

  • Every day I am growing stronger and healthier.

  • I am grateful for the lessons this illness has taught me, and having learned those lessons, I release the illness.

  • Positive thoughts heal my body.

  • I radiate excellent health.

  • My body is healthy, renewed and energetic.

  • I have all the energy and strength I need to enjoy my life.

  • I am welcoming the healing energy of light and love into my body.

  • I feel good.

  • My mind and body are one; the good thoughts in my mind influence my body in positive ways.

  • I honor the messages my body sends me.

  • I am healthy and happy.

  • I honor my body with excellent care.

  • My cells are filled with the love and light of source energy.

    Loving your body includes excellent nutrition.

    Loving your body includes excellent nutrition

  • I love, respect and care for my whole self. (Loving yourself is vital to good health!)

  • I release all negative energy I have held in my body through forgiveness and gratitude.

  • As my words nurture others, so do they nurture me.

  • I am healthy and whole.

  • Exercise naturally boosts my energy levels.

  • I nurture every cell in my body with excellent nutrition.

Feel free to make up your own affirmations! Affirmations work – now that you know how to use them correctly, go out there and create excellent health!


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